DTG Digital – M2 Industrial DTG Printer

DTG Digital M2, M-Series industrial s the dominant leader in industrial of Direct to Garment printers, specifically designed for textile and garment applications. Developed using WIMS (White Ink Management System) and ONE PASS print technology. The DTG M2 Series uses a bespoke firmware specifically created for optimal print quality, working with higher production speeds, and advanced ink control for accurate placement onto textiles or garments.

Placing the user firmly in control, DTG M2 is engineered to deliver better ink management, brighter prints, with a greater level of flexibility, for a faster quality production flow.

The DTG M2 Prints all over T-Shirts, hoodies, tea towels, mouse mats, bags, jeans, fabric panels, and so much more. The DTG Digital M2 supports the latest the 2-1 Platen System: 2 Medium / 1 Large / 1 XL / All over printing option – Prints multiple garments and different images at the same time !

Inks 46 pcl ink drop size scalable through all resolutions.
Fabrics DTG Inks print on 100% dark and light cottons and 60/40 or 50/50 blends including: Cotton, Cotton blends, Polyester, Poly-Viscose, Rayon, Silk, Wool, Spandex.
Printhead Piezo 180 nozzles per channel (8 channels = 1440 nozzles)
Colour 8 (Dual CMYK or 4* White plus CMYK)
Print Area 604 x 450mm (24″ x 17.7″)
Drive Processor driven conveyor (fixed bed)
Inks DTG inks – Piezo compatible pigments.
Ink Delivery Bottle – pressurised CYMK, Bottle – pressurised re-circulation – white (WIMS) https://www.yes-store.co.uk/
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista or above
DTG Rip Included YES – Kothari Print Pro
Electrical 240V / AC
Physical Dimensions 1210mm W) 560mm (H) 900mm (L) (47.6″W 22″H 35.4″L)
Weight 98kg (216lb) (boxed weight will vary)
Standard Accessories Full set of Inks (500ml of each CMYK & 1ltr of W), Cleaning and Maintinance Set, DTG Print Pro Rip, Pre-treatment to work white inks, 2 x Adult Platens (295mm x 420mm)
Optional Accessories Adult Platen (295mm x 420mm), Youth Platen (266mm x 330mm), Hoddie (266mm x 330mm), Dual Toddler-2 (195mm x 254mm), Dual Sleeve-2 (190mm x 254mm), Dual Chest-2 (152mm x 165mm), M2 Large (406mm x 508mm), M2 X-Large 420mm x 610mm, Hat Platen, Pre-Treat Machines (PTM or EZ-Treat), Heat Press (DTG4s), Tunnel Dryer or Draw Dryer & Machine Stand
Warranty 12 Months (1-Year) Guarantee

DTG Digital is perfect for whatever Garment or Textile industry your business produces for. Using the right ink does make all the difference. DTG Inks work on 100% dark and light cottons and 60/40 and 50/50 blends.

DTG White Ink Management System (WIMS)

DTG Interchangeable Platen System

DTG M2 vs Single Platen DTG | Black Garment Speed Test

Introducing DTG M-Series IOS

Industrial all steel components with servo driven accuracy — Its built TOUGH! Bespoke firmware designed for textile and garment printing Intelligent integrated RIP software with patented white under-base

  • Print area: 604mmx450mm (24”x17.7”)
  • WIMS (White Ink Management System)
  • iQ Interweave – Eliminates banding at all resolutions
  • ONE PASS print technology
  • Speed – Prints 50+ large graphics on white/lights garments per hour
  • Prints 25+ large graphics on dark garments per hour
  • 2-1 Platen System: 2 Medium / 1 Large / 1 XL / All over printing option
  • Production – Prints multiple garments and different images at the same time

Storage and Handling of DTGTEXDP™ + Series White Pigment Ink



After Sales Care DTG

Washability Information DTG WATER-BASED PIGMENT INKS

Storage and Handling of DTGTEXDP™ + Series White Pigment Ink


Operating temperatures for the DTG Tex DP inks


Garment Variations and Pre treatment Techniques

DTG TEX DP Pre-treatment application guide

DTG Environment Information

DTG DIGITAL PRINTER -- getting off to a good start

DTG Application Process T Shirts

Bright Inks Pre treating and curing

M Series Catalogue


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