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DTG & DTF Printing

The DTG Digital Q2 Hybrid garment printer establishes a new standard for professional direct prints for all finished garments and fashion panels. The Q Hybrid Series printers are designed for both direct to garment printing (DTG) and direct to film (DTF) for heat transfer applications from a single printing platform.

The Q Hybrid Series printers enable garment decorators to expand the range of products they can decorate using both direct and indirect methods of garment decoration.

Why should you choose the DTG Q2 Series?
The NEW DTG Digital Q Series has been designed to produce high volume; low cost printed garments. Packed with the latest technology –

100% Design for Industrial Apparel Printing – Its Superfast and Super Competitive !

The NEW DTG Digital Q2 Hybrid direct to garment printer establishes a new standard for professional direct to garment prints, fashion panels and textile applications. Built for industrial all shift operation using the very latest technology, the DTG Q2 has the capability to print 2 items at once whilst also able to print 2 different digital art files with the click of a button within the control RIP software, even while you are running other orders !

100% Designed for industrial apparel printing the DTG Q2 Print, Queue and Control delivers a new level of flexibility and productivity to your studio operation, with the NEW DTG Digital Q1, Produces Realtime: Prints up to 100+ shirts per hour onto dark backgrounds!

Let’s Face it – you own a DTG Hybrid printer to make money !

So the amount of shirts per hour you can produce will determine how profitable your printer will be.  The Q2 Hybrid printer can print Dark, White or coloured garments at the same time.

For example when printing a light coloured shirt with no white ink at a Medium Print Size of 341.30mm (W) x 361.01mm (H) (13.43”W x 14.21”H)

White Garment Medium Prints Per Hour = up to 105 Bull Prints per hour

Based on the above production figures, Here is an example of how much profit you could earn if you purchased a new DTG printer on lease at £900+VAT per month :

  • 75 White T-Shirts at a wholesale price of £2.0 each = £150.00
  • With an Medium Print size (Bull logo £0.035p ea), you could print 75 @ £2.62 in less than ONE hour.
  • Total Cost of Print & Garments £152.62
  • You could then sell these 75 personalised Garments @ £14.95 each = £1,121.25
  • That’s £968.63 *profit in under 1 hours work – which covers your Monthly machine payment – that’s one order to pay for your machine – the rest of the work you produce will be your profit.

* (labour and a nominal amount of pre-treat not included)

White Garment Print

Large Print Size: 213mm (W) x 225mm (H) (8.39”W x 8.86”H)

Ink used:
Cyan:        0.096ml      Magenta: 0.112ml
Yellow:     0.164ml      Black: 0.127ml
White:      0.0ml
Ink costs: = £0.07p for both (£0.035p each)
Coloured Print on White garment

“So, What makes a DTG Q-Series Different”

Meet the Standard 100


STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety

Every single component and ingredient including prints and coatings applied to the outer material are tested for harmful substances according to the criteria applicable to them.  Whether baby textiles, clothing, home textiles or decorative materials: Products carrying the STANDARD 100 label signal trust.

Oeko-Tex & GOTS Certification for garment safety including infants

Vacuum Platen Framing – 

Fast loading vacuum platens incorporating linear motion guide carriage with auto hight reduction platen adjustment.

Securing garments into place maintaining a flat surface – no wrinlkles or creases spoiling prints!

Either flat lay or tubular lay products, It’s Fast, Simple and easy to load!

Faster Printing –

With Multiple Print Heads! 

The Q2 -Series has 4 print heads producing high speeds. Each print head holds 400 nozzles x 8 lines = 3200 nozzles.



Bulk Ink Supply –

With 1 Ltr replacable ink bags


User replaceable 1.0L ink bags – fully degassed DTG EDTG Q-series inks, Machine user Configuration C,M,Y,K, White + Flush.

WIMS (White Ink Managment) & A.I.R  (Automatic Ink Refresh)

WIMS white ink management and A.I.R automatically give you a new printhead daily.

All critical parts are auto flushed through daily, resulting in a completely refreshed new printhead and capping station ready for production. Designed for 24/7 continual prints.

DTG patented, auto head and cap cleaning systems gives you a fresh print head every day!


DTG Hybrid Printers

The Full Video presentation of the New Q-Series features and benefits.

5.30 min long

More speed, power and performance than previous DTG’s

All the DTG Range –

are DTF Ready

We have added reverse prints into the firmware so you can print one pass colour followed by white for DTF applications.

With vacuum platens as standard, film is held in place to allow easy printing, simply select the correct profiles and print onto our specialty film.

Coat with a fine glue powder and hover in press to dry or our bespoke DTF oven. You can decorate jackets, nylon, polyesters, umbrellas, rainwear and so much more with DTT.

“Here’s what you need to know”

Want can the latest DTG Q-Series Print On ?

Designed for Industrial Apparel Printing and transfer production, including:

Fashion Panels
Soft Furnishings
Baby clothes
Fashion Strike Off
Internet Sales
Sports Apparel
Fabric Signage
Textile Displays
Advertising Materials

PRINT more or less any fabrics you wish to !


Ink Type Q-Series DTG Digital Inks – for DTG &  DTF printing available online through the YES Store – www.yes-store.co.uk
Fabrics / Merchandise DTG Q-Series Inks print on 100% dark and light cottons, 60/40 or 50/50 Poly/Cotton blends including: Cotton, Cotton blends, Polyester, Poly-Viscose, Rayon, Silk, Wool, Spandex
Print DTF transfers onto all kinds of fabrics and merchandise that are not normally printable such as 100% polyesters
Printhead technology 4 x Industrial Print Heads (12,800 Nozzle – 66.8mm wide)
Printhead configuration Trailing, staggered head technology (2x White & 2x CMYK)
Colour White and CMYK
Print Area Maximum Print Size = 16”x20” (390mm x 490mm) x 2
Platen Drive System Auto levelling bed with laser and head protection
Print Delivery In-line One Pass Printing (White & Colour)
Ink Delivery Degassed bagged bulk ink delivery system
User replaceable 1.0L ink bags –  Configuration CYMK, W + Flush Liquid
WIMS Patented circulation and White ink flush integrated WIMS2
INK Mist Extraction Industrial grade 2 stage ink mist extraction as standard (protects printheads from ink misting)
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 10 or above
DTG Rip Included DTG Kothari – Print Pro V7
Electrical power voltage AC 90-132V or AC 200-240V
Electrical power frequency 50Hᴢ/60Hᴢ (+-1Hᴢ)
Approximate power consumption During Printing 280W or Less On Standby 80W or Less
Machine operating environment Operational temperature is 20-35ᵒC (22-25ᵒC ideally recommended)
Humidity 40-80% (50-60% ideally recommended)
Physical Dimensions DTG Q2 – 1006mm (W) x 1400mm (H) x 1931mm (L) /  42”(W) x 55”(H) x 76”(L)
Weight DTG Q2 – 394.8kg (870lb) (boxed weight will vary)
Machine stand Optional extra
Vacuum Platens Fast loading vacuum platens incorporating Linear Motion Guide carriage with automatic height platen adjustment –
Vacuum platens sizes: Small: 265mm x 330mm
Medium: 355mm x 470mm
Larger: 390mm x 400mm
Optional Accessories Pre-treatment machines (PTM)
Heat Press
Tunnel dryer, Draw dryer
Vacuum platens sizes: Small: 265mm x 330mm & Medium: 355mm x 470mm
Operating Starter kit Full set of degassed bagged Ink (1L of each CMYK, White and Head Capping Solution) 1 L Maintenance Solution set, 1 L Pre-treatment concentrate (makes 4L)
DTG digital maintenance starter kit, & Large 390 x 40 vacuum platen
Warranty 24 months (2 Year) Cover Guard Warranty (subject to yearly servicing) T&Cs Apply

The NEW DTG Digital Q Series has been designed to produce high volume; low cost printed garments. Packed with the latest technology – 100% Design for Industrial Apparel Printing

Its Superfast and Super Competitive !

DTG Q1S Printing Direct to Garments

  • DTG Q1s = 50-60 prints per hour onto dark backgrounds
  • The DTG Q Series prints 100% in-line with White and Colour inks in One-pass.
  • Vacuum Platen secures garments into place maintaining a flat surface – no wrinkles or creaser spoiling prints!
  • Bagged degassed bulk ink system – user replaceable 1.0L ink bags – Configuration CYMK W + Flush Liquid.
  • Maximum Print Resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Larger Standard Print area of 390mm x 490mm
  • Printing Direct to Film – The DTG Q Series is a true Hybrid converting to DTG/F without changing inks or platens
  • Built with industrial grade 2 stage ink mist extraction
  • Diethylene glycol free for a safer working environment
  • Oeko-Tex & amp; GOTS Certification for garment safety including infants
  • Linear Motion Guide carriage with auto height adjustment
  • Advanced Auto-Head and Cap Cleaning System
  • Patented White ink recirculation WIMS
  • Easy Daily MaintenancePatented White Ink Flush System (WIFS)

Bright Inks Pre treating and curing

Storage and Handling of DTGTEXDP™ + Series White Pigment Ink



After Sales Care DTG


Storage and Handling of DTGTEXDP™ + Series White Pigment Ink


Operating temperatures for the DTG Tex DP inks


Garment Variations and Pre treatment Techniques

DTG TEX DP Pre-treatment application guide

DTG Environment Information

DTG DIGITAL PRINTER -- getting off to a good start

DTG Application Process T Shirts

DTG Digital Q1 Series Brochure


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