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Introducing the Ultimate White Toner Heat Transfer Printer from RICOMA: Luminaris 200

White toner printer bundle for home or small office
Compact, Profitable, & Guaranteed to Impress 

Affordable Colour with White Transfer Printing Solution, From day-to-day office printing to heat transfer printing, you can create custom t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, plates, and more with the Luminaris 200 White Toner Transfer Printer. 

This is a must-have machine for any print shop or custom apparel business that wants an all-in-one solution in a compact design. 

Perfect for entrepreneurs or custom printed t-shirt transfer print businesses that are looking for new customers – and better profits.

This machine’s compact size means it will work in any setting, from your home office to a retail shop.  

But it’s not just about adding an Image; it’s about creating a product line that stands out, attracts attention, and generates serious revenue.

Why Our White Toner Transfer Printer Is Different from the Rest!
Unleash Your Creativity with Ease 

Our easy-to-use Vivid RIP transfer printer software is included with every Luminaris 200 printer package.  

It does not matter if you are printing a design for a custom shirt or printing black and white documents on office paper, Vivid RIP gives you a complete control over every aspect of the transfer printing process.

With this intuitive software, you’ll be able to produce the perfect print every time!

White toner printer bundle for home or small office

What's Included in the Essential Bundle?

How much did it cost to make? 

You’ll find the total cost of the heat transfer does not vary much, It all depends on how many designs / prints you can get on a sheet of transfer paper.

Cost per Transfer

£0.25 Total Cost Per Transfer

The consistent cost is the transfer papers, which will cost on average approximately £1.42 per sheet (A & B included) (pricing per set can vary with quantity and supply) and how many you can print on 1 sheet (this is based on 6 including toner cost at £0.25p per print)

Cost per T-shirt 

Style, quality, quantity, size and COLOR makes a big difference in wholesale blank tees. But for this example we’ll use a popular women’s V-neck from Gildan in black.

Gildan GI64V00L - Soft style Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt (Quantity: 12) 

£5.05 total cost per blank

Total Cost of Materials 

1 Blank Shirt: £5.05 + 1 Heat Transfer logo (e.g. 6 per sheet) : £0.25 each (including Toner cost) = 

£5.30 total material cost estimate

Per shirt profits 

Sale price: £14.99 

Material cost: £5.30 

£9.69 gross profit per shirt

Set up / Run time ~ less than 1 min
Press / Set time ~ 1-2 min 

Total Time per t-shirt ~ 2 – 3 min 

How long will it take to make? 

There is no differences between a single and multi-colour design and with the Luminaris 200 you can print up to 8 transfers per min!

That’s 480 transfers printed per hour, ready to be transferred and then pressed on to your chosen surface! 

Your Partner in Sparking Business Success! 

The Luminaris 200 Transfer printing Machine isn’t just a tool: it’s your partner in creating a profitable and creative business. Whether you’re starting anew or expanding your offerings, this machine will set your products apart in the bustling market of personalized goods. 

Contact us today to explore how the Ricoma White Toner Transfer Printer can transform your creative ideas into sparkling, sellable products.


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