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SWF industrial embroidery machines

The good news with an SWF industrial embroidery machines is that you simply cannot make a bad decision.
SWF industrial embroidery machines

Because SWF has been making industrial quality embroidery machines since 1974, and their machines have a stellar reputation because they can last 20 years or more!
And they’re the original developers of many of the standard features many embroiderers rely on every day [plus a few they’ve kept just for you!] Easy to use, incredibly reliable and a wide choice in models and configurations – all backed by YES Group, a native UK, family-owned business that KNOWS embroidery machines and the embroidery business. That’s why you’re safe choosing ANY of many SWF models available today.
All you need to do is choose the right model to match your business.

Smart Features on EVERY Machine

What Our Clients Say
Choose the right Embroidery Machine for your Business 

Options based on where you are in your business journey start here!  Having trouble choosing?
Just chat with us or call 01623 863343

About Embroidery Training and Support 

If you’re just starting in the embroidery business OR making the transition from a single head to a bigger machine, learning your new equipment can be daunting. And getting trained by actual embroidery professionals should be a the top of your list as to which company to purchase from.
You are in the right place! YES Group was founded by and is run by a family of engineers and embroidery machine mechanics with a deep history of getting that right.
This IS the place to get the best training and support in the UK!

Industrial Embroidery Machine FAQ
Can SWF machines embroider on different types of fabrics?
SWF embroidery machines are versatile and can work on a variety of fabrics, including delicate and thick materials. The adjustable settings and advanced features allow for customization based on fabric type.
What maintenance do SWF embroidery machines require?
Regular cleaning and oiling are essential for maintaining SWF embroidery machines. Maintenance should be conducted depending on the hours of use – but it’s a very quick and simple process.
Are software updates available for SWF embroidery machines?
Yes, SWF embroidery machines receive software updates to enhance functionality and introduce new features. These updates can be downloaded and installed as per the instructions provided by SWF.
How energy efficient are SWF embroidery machines?
SWF embroidery machines are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They utilize modern technology to reduce power consumption while maintaining high productivity levels.
Is it possible to rent or lease SWF embroidery machines?
Yes. The available terms and payments depend on a variety of factors including your credit, time in business and current market conditions. This can be a cost-effective solution for businesses not ready to purchase a machine outright.
What technical support is available for SWF embroidery machines?

YES Group has extensive experience in embroidery machine engineering an support. Comprehensive telephone & video technical support is provided as well as on-site if required. This includes troubleshooting, repair services, and guidance on machine usage.

Can SWF embroidery machines be integrated with other software or systems?

SWF machines use the most common professional embroidery file format – .dst files – and the readily available embroidery software allows for the use of other formats and creation of original designs. Use whatever embroidery software you like that will product a DST file!

What is the average lifespan of an SWF embroidery machine?

With proper maintenance and care, SWF embroidery machines can last many years, often surpassing a decade or two of regular use in commercial settings. Infact the first machine delivered in the UK back in 1996 is still in production today!

Are SWF machines made in China?

No, SWF embroidery machines are manufactured in South Korea to the very highest standards. Their manufacturing facilities and technology are cutting edge and the machines have a reputation for reliability and longevity.

Embroidery machine prices are varied. Are SWF machines expensive?

SWF manufacturers industrial embroidery machines to a VERY high standard, which means that our prices are somewhat higher than other lesser machines with similar features be them not the same. But your return on investment through less downtime caused by mechanical issues and heavier duty components that allow it to last for years longer makes your actual return on investment BETTER than cheaper machines.