Digital Heat FX – 24H2 Direct to Film DTF Printer

High Volume, Commercial Direct-To-Film Transfer Printers have finally arrived!

Digital HeatFX’s – DFT 24H2 Direct to Film Solution

DTF Printing Made Easy!

There is simply no better way to produce amazing quality t-shirt transfers – especially at high volume.

DTF Printers are ALREADY powering some of the biggest names in customization.

The DTF-24H2 Digital Heat FX Printer produces brilliant digital transfer sheets, handling everything from single color shirt labels, left chest logos through to full-size jacket back custom prints.

The DTF printer uses PET transfer film which is translucent so you can see the design underneath the film when you later heat-press it onto the garment.  The PET film has a thickness of around 0.75mm which allows for better transfer characteristics.

Why should you choose the DTF 24H2 Series?

The NEW DTF 24H2 has been designed to produce high volume; low cost printed films for transfer. Packed with the latest technology –

100% Design for Industrial Apparel ink jet transfer Printing – Its Superfast and Super Competitive !

The NEW DTF Digital heat FX Printers establishes a new standard for professional direct to film prints, fashion panels and textile applications.

Built for industrial all shift operation using roll to roll print technology, the DTF-24H2 has the capability to switch from one digital art file to another with the click of a button within the control RIP software.

The NEW DTF-24H2 Direct to Film Printer Produces Realtime: Prints between 45/55 Linear feet per hour, thats upto 100 Full Front Transfers per Hour!

Applying the Adhesive to the Custom DTF Transfer Prints

It’s the unique powder adhesive coating that gives DTF prints their signature soft touch.  Instead of thick transfer films, or vinyl’s,  the Direct to Film Process has only two ingredients.  The ink, and a thin coating of powered adhesive.

The soft hand of DTF is holy grail of custom apparel comparied to print cut or even vinyl printing.  It’s never been possible to get the incredible soft feel of half-tone screen printing in a transfer process.  But with DTF, you get all that and more. that is unless you want totally super soft then you need to look at DTG Q-Series Hybrid DTG/DTF Printer!

The DTF powder adhesive is moisture-seeking, so it draws itself into the ink of the print and chemically bonds to form a strong permanent adhesive that sticks extremely strong to both cotton and polyester fibers.

Let’s Face it – you own a DTF Printer to make money, RIGHT!

“So, What makes Digital Heat FX Different”

Faster Printing –

With Multiple Industrial Print Heads! 

This 24H2 DTF printer has a dual print head design that lays down the colors in a blend of CMYK colours with the first printhead, and then lays down the perfect amount of white underbase on top of the colors in perfect alignment with the second so that you do not have any white peeking out.

The alignment is on the film, rather than on the bumpy fabric of the shirts so it creates a crisp design edge that you can’t even get with traditional screen printing.

Includes Print Optimizer Rip Software

As part of a Digital HeatFX system, which includes the Print Optimizer software, you will have ultimate control over the ink laydown.  If you are doing blended gradients you can dial in the color accuracy on a per-channel basis.

If you are doing single color logos on white shirts, you can dial down the ink flow and put just the right amount of ink to make the shirt pop without ink waste.

Heated Print Pathway! 

This Digital Heat FX-24H2, Direct to Film – DTF printer also has a heated print path that begins the drying process immediately after the print.  The white ink layer on top will become dry to the touch-ready to receive the specialized powder adhesive coating.

Compare DTF, Direct to Film to other application solutions!

DTF Transfer Printing vs DTG Direct to Garment

This idea of parallel assembly of the DTF Transfers to the garments is also the PRIMARY strength vs high end DTG machines like the Kornit, and Aeoon.  With those machines, the machine operator is stuck standing in front of the DTG machine constantly, making sure that every shirt is perfectly flat.  Most of their time is spent idle, simply waiting for the machine to print.

The DTF process is different.  The print function is separate from the application function.

You don’t have to bring the shirt to the machine.  Instead, you bring the image to as many shirts as you want.

Some other benefits over DTG:

DTF Transfer Printing vs Sublimation Printing

Well, simply put the Biggest Benifit of DTF printing over Sublimation is that DTF can transfer print on to any colour textile with a White INK!

Be it Red’s, Blue’s, Black’s, White’s or indeed any coloured garment as DTF does not require any polester coating to transfer the inks to!

However DTF printing does not directly decorate hard surfance objects/goods, like key chains and other promotional products.

DTF Transfer Printing vs Screen Printing

So, what’s making automatic screen print shops switch over to DTF Transfer Printers?  The benefits are enormous:

Mark our words here, DTF is no less than a technology revolution for the Screen-Printers.  You can print up the designs for an entire order AND print up enough extra transfers for your FILL-IN orders all at once.   Then you simply press the transfers on whatever garments you need.  All in about 10 seconds.

If you’re in a rush, your final speed of assembly is ONLY limited by the number of heat presses you have.

Some Shops will employ dozens of skilled heat press assemblers and bagging helpers just to keep up with the raw machine output (RMO) of their DTF transfer printers.

Ink Type Digital Heat Fx 24H2 Digital Inks – for DTF printing available online through the YES Store –
Fabrics / Merchandise Digital Heat FX DTF-Series Inks print on 100% DTF Film and can be applied to nearly every fabric around including but not limited to Cotton, Cotton blends, Polyester, Poly-Viscose, Rayon, Silk, Wool, Spandex
transfers onto all kinds of fabrics and merchandise that are not normally printable with DTG Printers
Printhead technology 2 x Industrial Print Heads (6400 Nozzle – 66.8mm wide)
Printhead configuration Trailing, staggered head technology (1x White & 1x CMYK)
Colour White and CMYK
Print Area Maximum Print Size =  600mm wide x upto 100mtr
Platen Drive System Rool feed with heated front and rear bed for ink drying
Print Delivery In-line One Pass Printing (Colour then White)
Ink Delivery Bulk ink delivery system
User fillable Ink  Configuration  W+ CMYK
Ink Managment  White ink re-circulation
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 10 or above
DTF Rip Included Digital Heat FX’s Print Optimiser
Printer Electrical power voltage  AC 200-240V, 50Hᴢ/60Hᴢ (+-1Hᴢ) 10 amps
Powder & Oven Applicator Power AC 200-240V, 50Hᴢ/60Hᴢ (+-1Hᴢ) 20 amps single phase
Machine operating environment Operational temperature is 20-25ᵒC (22-25ᵒC ideally recommended)
Humidity 40-50% (recommended)
Physical Dimensions
Digital Heat FX 24H2 Printer DTF 24H2 Printer – 67.5″ (L) x 37.0″(W)
Digital Heat FX 24H2 Powder/Heater Applicator DTF 24H2 Powder/Heater Unit -76″ (L) x 38″ (W)
Machine Weights
Digital Heat FX 24H2 Printer 149 Kg  (330lb)
Digital Heat FX – 24H2 Powder/Oven Applicator 200Kg (440lb)
DTF-24H2-Start Up Kit: Online Training, Support Access to installation instructions/videos on Training website, 2-DHFX DTF White Ink 500ml each, DTF CMYK Ink 500ml each, DTF Adheasive White Powder 1Lbs, & DTF Film 60cm x 100m
Warranty – Printer 12 months (1 Year) Cover Guard Warranty including Print head

*T&Cs Apply

Warranty – Powder/Heat Applicator 12 months (1 Year) Cover Guard Warranty

*T&Cs Apply

The NEW Digital HeatFX – DTF 24H2 Printer has been designed to produce high volume; low cost printed Films ready for quick application. Packed with the latest technology – 100% Design for Industrial Apparel Printing

Its Superfast and Super Competitive !

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