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Best Multi Head Embroidery Machine for ANY Business

The BEST multi head embroidery machine – better than Tajima embroidery machines, better than Barudan, better than ZSK, even more productive than a Happy embroidery machines and more cost effective than Ricoma – and the best choice you can make to expand or grow your embroidery business… are sold and serviced right here at YES Group!

If you’re looking for the best multi head embroidery machine, especially if this is your first and only one, then welcome to the SWF DUAL FUNCTION machines! Mathematically the best performing product in its class.

Though at the same time, it IS in a class all by itself.

Why the Best Multi Head Embroidery Machine is Dual Function

Performance and Versatility is the simple answer.

But to explain further, we’re first going to explain exactly what a dual function machine is, then we’ll tackle what makes it more versatile and then the performance numbers. Once we do, you’ll understand how we can be so confident naming it the “Best Multi Head Embroidery Machine for ANY Business”.

Dual Function – A Patented Approach

SWF has been manufacturing industrial embroidery machines since June 1974 and has manufactured these heavy duty machines of commercial components in the same place since the beginning.

There’s been no outsourcing to factories around the globe like some of the big brands mentioned earlier, so you get the most consistent quality available.

But the real power behind SWF and especially the Dual Function machines is that they’ve maintained the same high standards for invention and engineering as for manufacturing.

And one of the most valuable, meaningful patents is on this DUAL FUNCTION approach to high volume embroidery.

KE-Series 6 Head 15 Needle Dual Function Embroidery Machine

What is dual function?

The fundamental idea is to have the option to split a multi head machine into 2 equal parts.

So if you have a 6 head machine (most popular) you can either operate it like it’s a standard 6 head embroidery machine OR you can run it like it’s 2 different 3 head embroidery machines.

The same goes for the 2 head, 4 head, 8 head and 12 head embroidery machines – dual function style – as well.

And the way you do that is with the press of a virtual button on the 15.4” digital touch screen control panel that sits between the 2 halves.

 You get a great overview of what the machines look like and how they operate on the video below:

Versatility wins in the best multi head machine battle

There ARE a few drawbacks to multi heads. And a lack of versatility is one that leads some shops and manufacturers to opt for multiple single heads instead… even though the workflow in that scenario makes doing bigger jobs significantly slower.

Scenario 1: High Volume – Same Items

You might think that if you own a 6 head SWF KE-UH1506D dual function machine that it would produce a high-volume job in the same time as a traditional 6 head machine.

But traditional streight machines like our SWF  KE-UH1506C or the Tajima TFMX-IISC [note: the green frame machines are manufactured in China now] actually product work MUCH more slowly.

That’s because, as any commercial embroiderer knows, almost every job is interrupted by one of these common issues:

  • Thread breaks
  • Needle breaks
  • Maintenance needs (oiling, etc)
  • Odd Volume of Garments (heads switched off)

And in one of those traditional streight 6 head machines, you know that when ONE head stops, they ALL stop.

They then stay stopped until someone notices and repairs the issue. No matter how long that takes.

But if you were running the same job on a dual function SWF machine, then 3 of the 6 heads would still be going strong while the other 3 are stopped!

Even if that’s only a 1 to 5 minute fix, you’ll see 20 to 25% more production in the same period of time!

That’s versatility that ends in better performance overall.

Here’s the proof! A side by side video comparing production results from a traditional multi-head and a dual function:

Scenario 2: Small Job – Time Savers

Another opportunity for the dual function embroidery machines to shine is in the small to mid-sized jobs. For more than 1 reason.

If you’re a local embroidery business that serves other local businesses you’ve probably become expert at mixed orders of things like left chest logos and the same quantity of decorated caps.

Think uniforms for a local electrician’s staff that consist of a polo and branded hat, for example.

If this is a common scenario, you can easily keep 1 side of your dual function set up for flats and the other for caps. That allows you to better track where you are in your order and avoid having to stop and convert all the heads from flats to caps and back again.

And you can load up both the flats design and the version specially digitized for caps simultaneously.

Another reason the dual function makes sense if you’re getting smaller orders in is the ability to run 2 different short runs at once.

Side 1 can be working through a 12 piece left chest order while Side 2 can work on much longer sew out’s such as full jacket backs.

More about the Best Embroidery Machine

The best multi-head embroidery machine on the market really is a Dual Function machine from SWF and YES Group.

It gives you better performance than a traditional option by 20-25% and just makes more operational sense because it adds so much versatility to your growing business, oh and extra profit on your bottom line every year for the life of your machine!

But it doesn’t end there. These SWF embroidery machines have all the standard low-maintenance and useability options as the rest in the line up [that semi-automatic oiling system can be a life saver oiling the machine during operation with out even an oil can].

Learn more about features, options and pricing here, or chat with us on the website today.