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SWF Korea: Introducing Hybrid Flexibility Dual Function Multi Head, SWF KE-Series

Introducing the all new KE series Hybrid Dual Function embroidery machines from SWF

Say hello to innovation and goodbye to frustration. SWF has raised the bar for embroidery once again by adding tons of new features and greater flexibility.


SWF 2 Head embroidery machine


SWF KE-Series

The smartest, flexible embroidery machine ever created that can produce up to 25% more than other brands.




  • Stitching Field 
    Embroider 45cm x 40cm
  • Upper Thread Holding
    Head stays threaded if not used
  • WiFi / LAN Networking
    Connect up to 200 machines to send designs wired or wirelessly, monitor machine production and much more!
  • Quick Change Cap System
    Change from flats to caps in minuets, Small and closer to the arm for increased stitch quality with out loosing the 320mm stitching width!
  • Dual-Function Hybrid Machine: Unparalleled Versatility
    Produce up to 25% more embroidery compared to other brands
  • Semi-Automatic Oiling System: The Key to Uninterrupted Performance
    Making maintenance hassle-free and allowing you to focus on production
  • NEW Feature: Narrow Cylinder Bed
    Reduced size of the cylinder bed allows for easier embroidery on challenging items such as small pockets and socks
  • High Speed Operation
    1,000 SPM offers enhanced efficiency on all 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 & 12 heads
  • Flexible Operation
    Embrodiery 2 different logos or garments at the same time
  • Standard Operation
    Embroidery the same logo or product accross all heads sicronised like a normal multi head but with reduced down time
  • Thread Break Redundancy built in
    If you have a thread break Half The machine still keeps !
  • Break Down Redundancey Built in
    If you Damage/Break a head, simply switch off one side and keep stitching on the other !
  • Superior Memory
    Holds up to 490 million stitches
  • 15.1” Touchscreen
    Easy-to-use control panel
  • Thread Break Detection
    For less product waste
  • Automatic Oiling
    Save time by oiling with a pump, One pull and the machine is oiled!

Learn More about the SWF Korea Dual Function Capability

Dual-Function Hybrid Machine: Unparalleled Versatility

SWF Korea takes versatility to a whole new level with their world-patented Dual-Function Hybrid Machine. This groundbreaking innovation allows you to stitch two different designs simultaneously or even the same design in a fraction of the time. With the SWF Dual Function K-Series, you can produce up to 25% more embroidery compared to other brands. This unparalleled productivity boost empowers you to meet demanding deadlines while maintaining exceptional quality. Embrace the freedom and flexibility that comes with SWF’s Dual-Function Hybrid Machine and take your embroidery business to new heights.

Semi-Automatic Oiling System: The Key to Uninterrupted Performance

SWF Korea’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their machines. One of their key USPs is the Semi-Automatic Oiling System. This innovative feature ensures uninterrupted performance by delivering the correct amount of oil from a reservoir, eliminating the need for manual oiling to the main drive systems. Since 2003, SWF machines have been revolutionising the industry with their Semi-Automatic Oiling System, making maintenance hassle-free and allowing you to focus on what truly matters—creating breathtaking embroidery designs.


Unleash your creativity, productivity, and profitability with SWF Korea and Yes Ltd. Experience the unrivalled technological advancements, such as the Semi-Automatic Oiling System and Needle Auto-Thread Tensioning System, that redefine the embroidery landscape.

Here at YES Group, we know the importance of getting the right garment decorating machine for your business and with over 48 years history in the industry and 28 years trading as the YES Group, you can be trusted to be in safe and experienced hands when it comes to choosing your next Embroidery Machine. We have an extensive range of machinery and solutions, supported with warranty care up to 5 years and exceptional customer support / training second to none.

Don’t wait any longer,  whether you know what you are looking for or are in need for some advice, our dedicated team of experts are always at hand to assist you on your needs. Take the leap and elevate your embroidery game today. Contact Yes Ltd at 01623 863343 or email to explore the endless possibilities awaiting you. Let us be your trusted partner in turning your embroidery dreams into reality. Together with SWF Korea and Yes Ltd, your embroidery business will soar to new heights of success.  SWF – “Stitching The World’s Future”.