DTG – PTM Automatic Pre-Treat Machine (PTM)

Why do I need to pre-treat garments before digitally printing onto them?

Pre-treatment prior to digital printing has three roles to play:

  1. Optimisers the colour pigment within the inks
  2. Print quality is strengthened giving a better ‘wash-fast’ resistances 
  3. Printing directly onto cotton rich fabric without pre-treatment tends to feel rough, and the printed area may become stiff within the ink containment. Pre-treating the garment before it goes through the print process maintains a ‘hand finish’ to the fabric surface.

Pre-treating garments normally involves an HVLP hand sprayer and a learned technique.

It’s a challenge to train employees about quantity required and the consistency of liquid that’s hand sprayed across the garment. Too much or too little can place the printed area equally out of balance.

The PTM by DTG Digital allows anyone to pre-treat a garment.

Here’s how the PTM machine works:

  • Set the dial for the right amount of pre-treat you need
  • Load the garment into the pre-treat unit and push a button

The DTG Digital-PTM is the answer to perfectly pre-treating every garment, every time!

You’ll pre-treat faster, better, and more accurate with the DTG-PTM Automatic Pre-treat Machine.

This machine is compatible with Epson F2000 / F2100 DTG, Brother GTX/GT631 & GTX Resolute DTG, Ricoh RI 1000 DTG, Anajet DTG, Polyprint, Texjet, DTG Digital Q Series.

Built to handle the robust needs of a garment decorator that prints all day, the DTG-PTM is manufactured with an integrated semi-automated cleaning function for easy maintenance.

All metal panels inside the PTM unit are coated with ACF-50 anti-corrosion film for year-on-year dependability.

Its unique spray nozzle system delivers precision surface coating so there is no misting of the pre-treat spry into the print room and best of all it takes up very little space.

Specification for the DTG-PTM Automatic Pre-treat Machine

  • Maximum pre-treatment area: 19″ x 15.5″ (480 x 390mm)
  • Spray cycle time adjustable from 2 to 12 seconds
  • Completely enclosed spray chamber – no misting
  • Dual spray nozzles
  • No air compressor or custom electrical wiring
  • Rotational shirt platen (load front or side)
  • Adjustable spray length
  • Dual Pre-treat tank system allows for machine to hold 2 pre-treatments for easy swapping (Light and Dark Pre-treat solution)
  • ACF-50 coated (anti corrosion film)

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