We have built over 26 years of technical expertise into our business model.

As a business we have always placed the best people into critical support roles, establishing a multi-channel technical team who have the skills to manage everyday support and servicing through to complex engineering issues.

No one likes to be kept waiting, especially if they have a query, minor issue, equipment failure, or a critical breakdown that needs high level of technical assistants.

Our advice channels offer:

  1. Multi-channel tech support, including live chat,
  2. Servicing and maintenance programmes, designed to protect your equipment
  3. Critical support diagnostics, on-call
  4. Breakdown assistances, within 24 hours
  5. Post-warranty tech support coverage, and flexible service level options
  6. Extensive parts network, keeping you up and running
  7. Provide FAQs and self-service troubleshooting help online

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you know more about your equipment than the person who’s been sent out to fix your problem.

We invest in teamwork: we believe this is essence of department integration and collaboration. Our support teams can’t be understated, we hire and train all our technical team members to the highest standard. From our apprentices through to our well-established and fully accredited engineers, everyone continues to upgrade their skill sets particularly as new technology emerges.

Our highly experienced technical office team are immersed in both industrial digital print, UV LED and embroidery technologies with the skills to take care of routine tasks, delivered via interactive, live chat. These instant communication channels allow customers to get the support they want, via a convenient method, whenever they require a little help, as no one like to be kept waiting, especially when they are in the middle of production runs and downtime becomes critical issue.

Managing more complex issues requiring higher level of support: our technical support manager will assign customers to senior engineers who evaluate and resolve your equipment breakdowns fast and efficiently, usually within a 24 hour turnaround, as well as continuing to provide you with extended on-going support for peace of mind.

Our instant communication channels will help to keep your production on track!  

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