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White Toner Printing vs DTF - white toner wins

Importance of Choosing the Right Printer for a Shirts for a UK T-Shirt Business

DTF or Direct-to-Film Printing has been all the buzz lately. But is it really the best printing solution for your business needs and goals?

In some cases – of course. After all, there’s something for EVERYONE in the custom t-shirt business.

But there are many cases, maybe yours, where White Toner Printing would be the best way to start a custom t-shirt business.

Especially because the Ricoma Luminaris system is easy to learn, maintain and make money with. The best part is the startup costs are very attractive.

Let’s unpack all this and see what it really means for business owners.

Operation & Maintenance | White Toner Printing vs DTF

DTF Printers are a liquid ink system, and with liquid ink comes proper maintenance and upkeep. These types of printers are designed to be constantly running.

That’s because if the machine and ink sit, you risk clogs. Clogged lines and print heads can be a huge production hold up and costly to repair.

Many business startups are attracted to cheap, single sheet DTF printers in the 4K range because they hear the hype around DTF, but don’t understand the requirements of ownership.

On the other hand…

Seamless Production: Ricoma Luminaris

The Ricoma Luminaris 200 is a toner printer. The toner is a powder like substance that’s controlled in cartridges, so it isn’t messy, and it doesn’t dry up.

Have you ever run a colour laser printer at an office or rented one out for a print job? If so, you’ll know that there’s no danger of ink spills, ink clogs or ruining a print head. You basically just walk up to it and print.

That’s whether it’s been 1 hour or 1 month since you powered it on!

So, unlike DTF Printing, this means no daily maintenance and no clogging.


Mess, maintenance and SIZE gives the Ricoma Luminaris 200 the edge in the White Toner Printing vs DTF comparison.

DTF Printer size comparison to white toner printer

Versatility with White Toner

Something you might not have realized about white toner printing is its amazing versatility.

With just one machine, you can decorate any material garment as well as hard surfaced goods. The same toner used to customize t-shirts can be used to make wooden signs, mugs, metal decor and more.

Expanding what you can offer your customers is a powerful tool for new business owners. This gives you the opportunity to say yes to more jobs and become a one-stop shop.

Now you aren’t restricted to selling just custom apparel, you can also add coasters, cups, small signs, and even make stickers.


All with just one little printer. But how little? That’s the next advantage of white toner printing we’ll dive into. 

Optimizing Your Workspace

When starting a customization business, maximizing your workspace is crucial. Most business owners begin operations in their homes or a small store front. And the set up for DTF production is no joke.

Let’s look at the size of the popular DTF 24H2 Printer:


  • Digital Heat FX 24H2 Printer – 67.5″ x 37.0″
  • Digital Heat FX 24H2 Powder/Heater Applicator -76″ x 38″

Machine Weight:

  • Digital Heat FX 24H2 Printer – 149 Kg (330lb)
  • Digital Heat FX 24H2 Powder/Oven Applicator – 200Kg (440lb)

That is one big machine… Plus keep in mind you will need room for an exhaust unit, industrial heat press and supplies.

Space Solutions with Ricoma Luminaris 200

White Toner printers are great for space saving. These small but mighty machines are portable and desktop size.

The Ricoma Luminaris and an accompanying heat press can fit right on a large desk or table. Put that on wheels and the whole package can be hidden away when not in use.

Check out the specs on the Ricoma Luminaris:

  • Dimensions – 15.7″ x 17.7″ x 13.1″ (400 x 450 x 334 mm)
  • Weight – 25kg (55 lb)

Cost Comparison

Unpacking DTF’s Initial Cost and Maintenance Costs

Direct to Film printing has become a popular choice for startups looking to enter the custom apparel business. However, let’s dissect the financials associated with DTF.

The initial investment for a professional set up often clocks in over £10k, setting a significant entry barrier for budding entrepreneurs. And even after this upfront expense, the maintenance costs can pile up, especially with the need for daily upkeep to prevent ink clogs.

Ricoma Luminaris – The Cost-Effective Choice

Now, let’s shift our focus to the game-changer – the Ricoma Luminaris 200. This innovative white toner printer not only streamlines your initial investment but also offers ongoing savings.

The price tag on this printing system is only around £4,000 and £5,000 for a complete set up!

This white toner printing system presents an attractive and accessible option for startups and smaller, expanding businesses.

Beyond the favourable startup price, its design minimizes daily maintenance requirements, ensuring that your investment remains efficient and cost-effective throughout its lifecycle.

Choosing Ricoma Luminaris from YES Group isn’t just a financial decision; it’s a strategic investment that positions your startup for success without compromising on quality or capability.

White toner printer bundle for home or small office

The Right Choice for Your Business Investment | Ricoma Luminaris 200

The choice between DTF and White Toner Printing is clear, and the answer lies in the efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness of the Ricoma Luminaris.

With its compact design, versatile capabilities, and budget-friendly appeal, it isn’t just a printer – it’s an investment that paves the way for success in your new printing business.

With minimal maintenance, space requirements, and a significantly lower startup cost, The Ricoma Luminaris isn’t just a cost-effective choice; it’s the smart choice for entrepreneurs looking to thrive in the custom apparel industry.

The Power of Choice | White Toner Printing vs DTF

You don’t have to make this decision alone – one of the many advantages of reaching out to YES Group is the breadth of options we have to help you achieve your goals!

Contact us today and talk over what you see for your business future, and how we can help.