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Machines that Power Up Business.

SWF Embroidery machines have been manufacturing 1 to 56 heads in Korea since 1974 and here at YES ltd we have been offering SWF products since 1997, thats over 23 years!

So, what does your business need ?

Double production capacity ? - High Speed stitching ? 

With Stitching up to 1,200spm, high speed colour changing and Servo design systems, our KS Series can earn you 20-30% more than any other brand!

Modualar Machines with WiFi Networking 

Or Simply Put, YOU want to do MORE with LESS ? 

Dual Function Tubular Multi-Head Technology has the ability to stich TWO DIFFERENT DESIGNS & PATTERNS at the same time! Our Dual function embroidery machines make multi-tasking a breeze, you'll maximize your production and increase profit potential, saving you time and increasing your capacity to embroider more, faster with less overheads. If you're ready to increase your efficiency and save money, then contact us to get the industry's guaranteed BEST DEAL on a new Dual-head machine today, why wait? 

Whats your Ideal Machine to Power Up your business ?

The Worlds Premium Embroidery Brand

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What's the Right Machine for my Embroidery Business?

Whether you're looking for a Start Off Business & Single-Head Machines or High Speed Multi-Head Machines, or even if you already have a custom apparel business and Want to Upgrade & Expand your 'Embroidery' embelishment business further in-house for your customers with more Flexibility & Productivity !

Click here to see why SWF can out perform any machine to give you flexlity together with increasing you profitability by up to 25%!

Because we understand that growing businesses value performance, durability, support, and above all, want to increase your profitability! 

Click here to see benifits of the SWF product !

Why Upgrade ?

Are you constantly behind on orders with your single design machine or own a custom apparel business and want to bring embroidery in-house? SWF Dual function multi-head automatic machines are a fantastic step to expanding and creating new business opportunities. 

Do you want to increase production by up to 25% and cut costs by 20%. SWF premium embroidery machines, world patentied Dual Function Tubular Multi-Head Technology, allows you to handle large mixed orders, allowing you to embroider two different designs on either flat, tubular or caps at the same time! There is nothing quite like it... no other machine can do this!  

SWF is the right choice for you if...

You want to reduce your costs and labour shifts and increase your profits by spending less time embroidering on even more orders than ever before 

You want to increase your production capacity to be able to take on more customers and run a profitable and sustainable business for years to come 

You want the industry's best technical support to decrease your downtime and provide assistance whenever you need it most. 

You want to complete orders faster to focus more on marketing your business and increasing your sales


Quality, Performance, Durability & Flexibility

Our SWF Dual Function K-Series can produce up to 25% more production, whilst our high speed SWF Dual Function KS-Series can achieve productivity up to 45% more than its traditional multi-head machine from our counterparts, SWF are the premium world leader in embroidery machines.

SWF Quality

3 / 5 YEAR NO QUIBBLE WARRANTY & 7 YEARS STITCH QUALITY GARANTEE. As part of our service we offer all of our customers direct telephone support between the hours of 8 - 5 pm Monday to Friday and also a limited out of hours service as and when needed. (ask for details).

Ask For DETAILS Now!

Duarability & Profitability! Key Facts About SWF Performance over Japanese & German Brands...

  • SWF are manufactured in Korea since 1974
  • SWF HIGH SPEED 1,200SPM as standard on 2,4,6/8 & 12-heads, not 1200 (1100), 1100 or even 1000spm!
  • SWF have "no" Chinese manufacturing in anyway shape or form!
  • SWF Machines don't require any oil cans to oil them EVER!
  • SWF is up to 25% more profitable & Productive than other Japanese or German Brands!
  • SWF Quick Change Cap, Change to caps and back in just 10 second (SWF Patent)
  • SWF have the largest colour touch screen at 15"
  • SWF control systems based on Windows OS, not Dos! 
  • SWF has wireless or wired networking Free! 
  • SWF gives free barcoding and networking software!  
  • SWF have steel hook gears not plastic! 
  • SWF gives a 3 and 5 year warranties Avalible!
  • SWF have Vibration free embroidery
  • SWF stitch Large stitch lenghts FASTER!
  • SWF machine have power fail redundancey as standard (e.g. break half the machine (dual) the other keeps working
  • SWF Free yearly servicing (ask for details)
  • SWF - Are SELF OILING MACHINES - Just pull one leaver
  • SWF have Directly Driven Top and Bottom Trimming System
  • SWF RIDGED MACHINES - More Steel making it stronger than other Japanies or German Machines for longeverty!
  • SWF Automatic Thread Tenshioning Selection for greater thread control at higher speeds (Polyester / Rayon etc) 
  • SWF gives Digitally controled Pressor feet of thick fabric embroidery as standard (KS Series)

Enhanced Network production - SENS / SWNS

  • SENS/SWNS - Software streamline your machine management 
  • SENS/SWNS - Quickly push your embroidery designs to your machines 
  • SENS/SWNS - Advanced Barcode design scanning
  • SENS/SWNS - Easy control of multiple machines
  • SENS/SWNS - Working status, including RPM, Running time and Completion percentage
  • SENS/SWNS - Keep track of thread breaks, disover and resolve problems 
  • SENS/SWNS - Change the thread colour sequence 
  • SENS/SWNS - View the work history quickly and compile reports.

Advanced Embroidery software, designed with you in mind! SENS network software, allows for control of multiple machines directly by either Wireless LAN or Bluetooth. SENS software gives you, full detailed feedback reports, monitors the machines working status, including runtime, downtime, thread breakage and design transfer, giving you full control and infomation on the performance of your SWF embroidery machines.



Start Your Jurney today with SWF Embroidery Machines!

Are you ready to grow your embroidery business?

See what our customers are saying about our machines...

Are you an existing embroidery business that wants to expand, to be able to complete even more orders with a faster turnaround? See what our customers say!  

Irelands largest sportswear company with a difference O'Neills turned to YES limited to help grow there business. Founded in 1918 the company has grown rapidly to employ over 500 staff in premises spanning over 160,000 sqft.  

Kieran Kennedy, Managing Director of O'Niells said that: 'when we saw the capabilities that YES demonstrated to us with the SWF range, we knew it was the right direction to go in and we haven't looked back since. The SWF embroidery machines are phenomenally faster, and they have added bonus of dual functionality, meaning we can embroider two different designs simultaneously on one 12-head machine.

Grow your business with SWF Dual Head technology

Check out our Superb range of SWF machines!

MODULAR - SWF ES - Single Head Series with WiFi Networking, Barcoding & Independent control redundancey built in !

Model shown: SWF MAS-12 (left) Embroidery Machine 12-needle | Single-head

Model shown: SWF ES T1501 (right) Embroidery Machine 12-needle | Single-head

Model shown: SWF MAS-12 (left) Embroidery Machine 12-needle | Single-head

SWF / ES & KS - SERIES Modular Two Heads with WiFi Networking, Barcoding & Independent control redundancey!

Incorporating a embroidery stitching field of 360 mm x 270 mm to 450 mm x 500 mm and compact design machine, two heads can defenatly be better than just one!

If your after simpe fast embroidery and dont need flexibiltiy then the SWF KS tubular 2 head is a great machine, However if you need more, then the SWF Dual Function 2-head is controlled by a 10.4 inch touch LCD display and can embroider two different designs on both flat, tubular hoops and or caps simultaneously and uniquely.  

Coming standard with advanced features such as, Oversized Body for strength and vibration free embroidery, Built in Power Failure/brake down Redundancy and much, much more makes these machines the most advanced embroidery machine currently available on the world market only from SWF. When combined with our modular systems you can make your production the best for your busness and not SWF's!

SWF KS 2-head

Model shown: SWF KS-UK1502-45 Commercial Embroidery Machine 15-needle | Two-head

Model shown: SWF ES-1202D Commercial Embroidery Machine 12-needle | Two-head | Dual Function

SWF / K - SERIES Dual Function High Speed with WiFi Networking, Barcoding & Independent control redundancey!

The SWF Dual Function 6-head is controlled by a 10.4 inch touch LCD display and can embroider two different designs on both flat, tubular hoops and or caps simultaneously and uniquely. This World Patented SWF Embroidery Machine is also available in a 9 or 12 colour version but is supplied as standard in to the United Kingdom in this 15-colour version.  

Model shown: SWF K-UH1504D-45 Commercial Embroidery Machine 15-needle | Four-Head | Dual Function

Model shown: SWF K-UH1506D-45 Commercial Embroidery Machine 15-needle | Six-Head | Dual Function

Model shown: SWF K-UH1508D-45 Commercial Embroidery Machine 15-needle | Eight-Head | Dual Function

Model shown: SWF K-UH1512D-45 Commercial Embroidery Machine 15-needle | Twelve-Head | Dual Function

SWF / KS- SERIES HighSpeed 1,200spm Multi-Heads with WiFi Networking, Barcoding & Digitally Controled Pressor Feet!

SWF - KS Multi Function

If you're already an embroidery pro and want the best multi-head that stacks up to the top industry players, then the all new KS-Series Tubular Multi-Head Range, that can stitch at up to 1,200 spm, thats a cool 200spm faster than most embroidery machines currently available from any competitor! Look no further than the exceptional SWF KS-Series.

Available with 2 – 8 heads, and 9, 12 or 15 colours, our newest SWF KS-Series Multi-head Embroidery Machines Incorporate a large standard stitching field of 450mm x 400mm. 

All SWF KS-Series feature advanced Automatic Oiling Systems, Directly Driven Trimming System, Servo motors for smooth and accurate stitching; electronically controlled presser feet and Oversized body and beam for strength and vibration free embroidery, With Built in Power Failure Recovery, Laser Design Trace, and Embroidery Hoop limits for safety. 

SWF embroidery machines are the most advanced embroidery machines currently available in the world!

SWF - KS-Series I 15-Needle I 4-Head

SWF - KS-Series I 15-Needle I 6-Head

SWF - KS-Series I 15-Needle I 8-Head

Commonly asked questions

What's included with a new SWF Embroidery machine?

  • > We'll answer this question with a question. What doesn't come with a SWF machine? Every SWF UK employee knows our embroidery machines inside and out, our customer support staff are equipped to assist you with any enquiry. Aside from being manufacturers and offering unparalleled customer support, here is what to physically expect when you go with SWF.  
  • > A welcome kit with thread, bobbin, needles, backing and more!  
  • > 3 or 5 years manufacturers warranty  
  • > 7 years minimun stitch quality guarantee
  • > Hands-on training  
  • > A toolkit with all the tools for setup and maintenance  

What kind of support do I get with SWF ?

  • > We provide technical customer support and resources such as training, manuals and how-to videos on our machines. We're constantly working on material such as blogs, videos and webinars to help customers get started and succeed in the embroidery business.

Is training included? What kind of training do I get?

  • > Every SWF embroidery machine purchased includes in-depth training, we'll come to your location, making sure you know exactly what you're doing before your training session is over. We also provide on-going technical support and offer how-to videos and manuals.

What is the warranty for SWF machines?

  • > Our machines are backed by one of the industry's best warranties. Our comprehensive no quibble warranty is provided at no additional cost on all new SWF UK machines, the warranty starts immediately following the purchase of your SWF UK embroidery machine. Our team of engineers provide cover across the UK.
  • > A welcome kit with thread, bobbin, needles, backing and more!  
  • > 3 or 5 years manufacturers warranty and 7 years minimun stitch quality guarantee.

What is the average delivery time for a new SWF machine?

  • > Before delivery we test and prepare our embroidery machines at our UK head office in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK. In stock embroidery machines take around a week to test, carefully crate and prepare for shipping. Once your machine has been shipped, transit times typically range from 2 to 5 business days depending on how close you are to our facility. Our instalation technical team will arrange a suitable date and time to install your new machine.