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Tajima Embroidery Machine Comparison | SWF MAS 12 vs Tajima SAI 8

The SAI 8 needle Tajima embroidery machine and the MAS 12 needle machine from SWF both cary the names of the best embroidery machine brands in the industry – but which is right for YOUR business?

If you are curious about how these 2 popular compact embroidery machines stack up, you are in the right place. In this sewing showdown, we are going to unpack the pros and cons of the Tajima SAI and the SWF MAS12 to see what machine is best for your embroidery needs.

About Embroidery Machines

Embroidery – the age-old technology that still has the customization industry in a choke hold. The power of embroidery comes from its high-quality look and incredible longevity. With embroidery being such a fan favorite, it makes a great choice for a customization business owner.

Single head, compact embroidery machines, like the Tajima SAI and SWF MAS 12 have become increasingly popular for businesses. They have proved to be easy to use and are easy to transport. This combination makes them great for those starting to learn the business, who may have limited space.

SWF MAS 12 Single Head Compact Embroidery Machine

The SWF MAS 12 is extremely portable but without sacrificing the technology and features that make it great for hobbyists, startups and big business owners alike.

Its small size is perfect for home studios, or those that are on the road. Pop-up embroidery shops are a big hit right now, and this compact SWF is perfect for toting around. It’s light weight and runs super quietly which is great for home jobs and being set up on the go.

However, ever though it’s compact, the MAS 12 has 12 needles. This means 12 colors of thread on your machine at once. This is a huge win for small business owners that have regular customers with consistent orders.

The ability to keep some of your most often used colors on your machine without the hassle of re-threading for every order is big time saver.

Key features and specifications

Embroidery Field

This embroidery machine also has a huge embroidery field size of 360mm x 230mm, which is one of the largest stitching fields of compact models.

Control Panel & Onboard Memory

The SWF MAS 12 also features a 10.4” touch screen control panel. This works similar to a smart phone or tablet, making the machine extremely easy to learn. The large size of the screen also gives users the ability to visualize their embroidery designs in colour before pressing the start button.

The machine has a 40 million stitch memory. This allows users to store popular designs and logos in the machine without the need for a computer or flash drive.

Smart Embroidery System (SES)

On of the most revolutionary features of the SWF MAS 12 is the Smart Embroidery System. This impressive technology instantly converts photos directly into embroidery-ready designs.

This is a huge step forward in the embroidery industry because it cuts out digitizing.

SWF MAS 12 embroidery machine

The SWF MAS 12 is a 12 needle, tabletop embroidery machine

What is digitizing?

Digitized designs are the type of files that are necessary for an embroidery machine to work. These specific files tell them embroidery where to stitch and when and with what needle.

So long story short, the SES gives you the ability to perform on demand embroidery jobs. Customers can bring you a photo of what they want and instead of taking the time to digitize it yourself or pay some other company to digitize it for you, you can just load it in your machine and it’s ready to roll!

Pros of the SWF MAS12

SWF’s MAS 12 embroidery machine has many key features, but cutting-edge technology is what really makes it stand out.

Here are the top pros of the SWF MAS 12:

  • Stitch Speed – 1000 stitch per minute
  • Onboard Memory – 40 million stitch memory
  • Embroidery Field Size – 360mm x 230mm
  • Quiet Operation
  • Smart Embroidery System
  • 10.4” Touch Screen Control Panel

Tajima SAI 8 Needle Embroidery Machine

The Tajima tajima embroidery machine (SAI model) is another intriguing compact embroidery machine for new business owners because it boasts a similar price point to SWF’s MAS 12.

But let’s take a deep dive into this machine’s key features and specifications to see how it really stands up.

Key Tajima embroidery machine features and specifications

The biggest downfall of the Tajima SAI is that it only has 8 needles, or 8 colours of thread on the machine at once. This is 4 times less than the SWF MAS 12. That is huge when it comes to big order production. It also means less precise coloring capabilities on big designs.

Another area that lacks luster on Tajima’s compact model is its stitch speed. The SAI Tajima embroidery machine sews at 800 stitches per minute. While this may only seem like a mere 200 stitches less than the SWF MAS 12, this surely will add up. Every minute counts when you are calculating your return on investment.

This 8 needle Tajima SAI also features a touch screen control panel, but it measures at 3 ½” x 6”, making it much smaller than the MAS 12.

Another key feature that is much smaller is the embroidery field. Now, this part is a big deal. The sewing size of the SAI machine is just 300mm x 200mm. This will hugely limit the jobs you can say yes to.

Jacket backs, big blankets, table runners, banners, and other large items are a big money-making opportunity. But without a large sewing field, these jobs can be a nightmare. Turning away jobs is something no one wants to do when gaining a strong customer database.

The Great Match Up | SWF MAS 12 Wins over Tajima embroidery machine

Ultimately, the choice between the Tajima SAI and SWF MAS12 embroidery machines boils down to your specific business needs and priorities. Both machines offer unique features and capabilities that are great for those looking to expand into the embroidery industry.

The SWF MAS12 stands out with its impressive 12-needle system, allowing for a broader spectrum of colors without frequent thread changes. Its larger embroidery field, smart embroidery system, and user-friendly 10.4” touch screen control panel make it a top contender for those seeking efficiency, versatility, and ease of use.

Before making your decision, consider these key factors: typical order sizes, the variety of orders you may get, available workspace, and your long-term business goals.

Next Steps for Embroiderers

Now if you’ve decided on the machine that’s right for you, your next step is crucial. Where do I buy it from?

With learning a new technology or machine, support is absolutely crucial to the success of your business. This is why it’s so important to make this big investment with a company that’s going to be there for you. Needle breaks, bird nesting, sloppy stitching, are problems that can drastically slow down your production. Having someone on speed dial to help you get back up and running is going to save you time and headaches!

The YES Group has a long history of maintaining top notch customer training and support. Their group of embroidery professionals know their machines but most importantly they know the customization industry.

Plus, the best way to truly get a feel for your future embroidery machine, is to see it in action yourself! The YES Group offers live demos in person and virtually. Book yours today here.

keep learning!