Uniforms and Workwear

Keeping your business competitive with SWF dual-function embroidery machines.

The production of high quality corporate personalised workwear is always going to be a challenge. Production capabilities and order response times require your embroidery operation to produce a wide range of customisations, attention to detail with a timely delivery at competitive prices.  On demand workwear requires a large amount of flexibility in a busy day-to-day operation, where juggling different corporate clothing and workwear lines, in large volumes can be a production nightmare if your embroidery machines can only produce one section of items at a time.

Investing in the right embroidery equipment is essential to any professional workwear operation. With requirements including:

  • Capability
  • Quick lead-times
  • Competitive production

The SWF dual-function will place your business model ‘front and centre’ above the competition. With its high-speed colour changing and servo design system, you can earn up to 20 to 30% more than any other brand of embroidery machines. These unique SWF dual-function machines are the only embroidery machines in the world that can embroider two different patterns and, or designs at the same time, making SWF dual-function the most productive machines currently available. There is no doubt the diversity of SWF embroidery technology will provide your business with the competitive advantage you are looking for. High quality running speeds, doubling-up on apparel, interchangeable designs onto workwear clothing orders, will truly keep your business competitive, and the technical advantages do not stop there!

SWF dual-function, multi-head embroidery machines are accessorised with:

  • High Speed Operation 1,000 SPM offers enhanced efficiency
  • Superior Memory – Holds up to 40 million stitches
  • Full Colour Touchscreen – Easy-to-use control panel
  • Quick Change Cap system – 5 seconds from flats to caps, makes transitioning fast and easy!
  • WiFi Networking – Connects up to 200 machines
  • Flexibility on production – Operate as either a tradition or Dual function machine
  • Designed to produce up to 30% more productivity
  • Automatic Oiling System – delivers the correct quantity of oil from a reservoir system

Isn’t it time you started your daily production schedule with a new SWF dual-function embroidery operation? Let YES GROUP show you the competitive advantage you have been looking for!

Find out more. Call 01623 863343 to talk to the YES Business Development Team about the production challenges you are facing. We have a solid understanding of the embroidery industry and can provided you with the latest market knowledge on SWF technologies – We will also provide you with competitive industry prices on all SWF embroidery equipment.

Insight into new and improved developments at YES GROUP.

Whether you are a fledgling start-up, embroidery workwear business or an established powerhouse for corporate personalised uniforms and workwear apparel, it is essential to keep your equipment in tip-top working order. Supported by the YES Technical Team, we use a blended approach to machine maintenance; our objective is for all new SWF embroidery machines to continually be running at their optical best, and we use a joint approach to create the right solution for your business needs.

For further information contact YES Business Development Team on 01623 863343 Or email sales@yesltd.co.uk


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