The New Digital HeatFX DTF Printers – Transfers just got a whole lot easier !

The New Digital Heat FX DTF-Printers – Transfers just got a whole lot easier!

Ink Jet transfer printing just got easier and more professional with the latest DTF printers from Digital Heat FX based in the USA for those who want a true professional system.

The Digital Heat FX DTF-24H2 is one of 2 solutions provided from Digital Heat FX for transfer printing and with edition of the new DTF-24H4 model in the range, you can print up to 145 linear feet per hour which equates up to 300 full size printers per hour, it’s fast!

The DTF-24H2 & DTF-24H4 machines have a relatively small foot print for the process, better still they are efficient on electric usage also for its application.

This is how it works… 

Life using a DTF Printer just got a lot easier!

The DTF24H2 Direct to Film printer is able to print upto 100 full size prints per hour,  thats up to 55 linear feet per hour of printing directly on to film. It is amazingly that combined with the DTF-24H2 Printer the powder / tunnel dryer the DTF 24H2 process is able to to apply the glue powder to the printed image, heat and dry the ink & powder and rewind the 600mm wide roll so that its ready to be used at your convenience at any time.

The DTF 24H2 Direct to Film printer is a perfect addition to an embroidery, DTG direct-to-garment, or transfer print business. It give true flexibility and stunning transfer prints with a soft hand feel when compared to screen printing, traditional toner based transfers, and cuts out the need for pre-treatments in the DTG process and is applied in just 15seconds.

With the addition in the range of the DTF-24H4 Direct to Film printer from Digital heat FX, you can also print up to 600mm x 100mtr long but do it a whole lot faster!

The DTF24H4 benefits from 4 heads and printer up to 300 full size shirts per hour, that’s 145liniare feet per hour but it is a bigger machine!

So if your wanting to print S, M, L, XL to XXXL prints then with either model its just not a problem, literally any size print can be made on the film that’s 100mtr long by 600mm wide.

Short and long Print Runs 

  • Prints, Dry’s & applies the Glue:   45-145ft/h
  • Print, 45 – 145 linear ft/h model dependent
  • Included Latest Print Optimiser Rip
  • Includes Ink & Films Starter pack
  • Includes Print head warranty

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