The T-Fold Fast Garment Folding – Life just got a lot easier !

The T-Fold Fast Garment Folding – Life just got a lot easier !

Folding and professionally bagging shirts can be a huge hassle and needs to be done right. The PTM T-Fold is the only answer without wasting money and taking up workspace. Designed as a bench top auto-fold that incorporates easy bagging into the operation.

The T-Fold sits conveniently in a small footprint, and better still, it is all electric – NO air required!

This is how it works… 


Life using the T-Fold just got a lot easier!

The T-Fold auto-folds and bags 350-500 shirts an hour. It is amazingly simple to use, you can fold a few or thousands of garments. The perfect addition to your embroidery, DTG direct-to-garment, or transfer print business. It Folds: S, M, L, XL to XXXL no problem, literally any garment that needs folding and bagged professionally can be ready in seconds!

Offering well folded shirts and garments packaged in bags allows you to promote your brand professionally. The T-Fold bench top is all electrically driven, no air compressor is required.

The T-Fold incorporates a forced air outlet for the bag to inflate, allowing you to add flyers and incentives promoting your business into the package.

T-Fold, professionally auto-folds: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Shirts

Short and long sleeve shirts including hoodies

  • Folds and bags:   360-500   pieces/h
  • Folding speeds:   4 sec. cycle
  • All electric NO air required
  • Auto bag inflation
  • Bagging speeds:   6 sec. average

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