Introducing the amazing SWF Free Hand Designs and Photo Stitch Features

The amazing SWF two for two embroidery features !

SWF embroidery machines have been dominating the world of industrial embroidery for years and as a result, have become increasingly sought after for their capabilities. There’s no secret why customers value SWF’s embroidery machines above others: features like world patented quick change caps, the pantograph design with a servo-driven motor, and an automatic oiling system clearly speak for themselves, but there’s so much more they can offer, where others fail.

Not only do they produce an unparalleled stitch quality, with the SWF embroidery machines, you can transfer designs, start projects and monitor progress wirelessly. You can control up to 200 embroidery machines from one computer without network cables. But where it gets really interesting is when you can actually design your own embroidery.

The SWF ES and KS Series, as well as the MAS 12 – all these embroidery machines truly break barriers – with the amazing Hand Stitch and Photo Stitch options.   These “little” perks offer the possibility to either draw your own design, using the tip of any stylus or similar device, directly onto the touch screen (with the Hand Stitch option), or to upload any image onto a USB stick and into the machine’s software, and convert it into a stitch design (with the Photo Stitch option). Yes, it really is this simple!

Just imagine – you can convert photos directly into embroidery designs, instantly and without further editing, or alternatively, draw your own unique design using the hand stitch option. The SWF SES (Smart Embroidery Machine) system allows you to do just that. This makes it particularly suitable for beginners in embroidery, enabling them to create brilliant designs with minimum technical knowledge. Then again, beginner or not, who wouldn’t like being able to create designs with ease?

You can do this, using SWF’s control panel with a 16 cm Colour LCD Touch Screen, where you can see your whole embroidery pattern upfront. This feature has been fully standardised across our full SWF machine range.

Isn’t it time you started your daily production schedule with a new SWF ES Single-head embroidery machine ? Let YES GROUP show you the competitive advantage you have been looking for!

Find out more. Call 01623 863343 to talk to the YES Business Development Team about the production challenges you are facing. We have a solid understanding of the embroidery industry and can provided you with the latest market knowledge on SWF technologies – We will also provide you with competitive industry prices on all SWF embroidery equipment.

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Whether you are a fledgling start-up, embroidery business or an established powerhouse for corporate personalised apparel, it is essential to keep your equipment in tip-top working order. Supported by the YES Technical Team, we use a blended approach to machine maintenance; our objective is for all new SWF embroidery machines to continually be running at their optical best, and we use a joint approach to create the right solution for your business needs.

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