Monogramming and Personalised Professional Uniforms and Workwear

Monogramming and Personalised Professional Uniforms and Workwear

with SWF KS high-speed multi-head embroidery machines.  

If you are suppling premium embroidered uniforms and workwear, you will know the importance of understanding customer expectations when it comes to monogramming and personalisation.

The SWF KS high-speed multi-head embroidery machines are real game changer for businesses that rely on clean, crisp lettering, embroidered onto professional healthcare uniforms, pharmaceutical lab coats, business apparel and workwear for all medical professionals and technologists.

The SWF KS Series is the most advanced engineered embroidery machine on the market today. It comes packed with innovative features, including increased stable running speed, developed to producing flawless monogramming with up to 1200 stitches per minute, it is still the fastest embroidery machine on the market!

SWF KS high-speed multi-head embroidery machines are accessorised with:

  • Largest stitching area as standard 450 x 400
  • High speed colour change
  • 1200 spm on a 5 mm stitch length
  • 1200 spm on 2,4,6 & 8 heads
  • Servo driven high speed pantograph
  • Thick fabric ready with SWF digital controlled presser feet
  • Auto stitch digitising enabled
  • Free hand lettering enabled
  • Heaviest body and beam construction available
  • Steel gears not plastic!

If embroidered text is going to be a big part of your production the SWF KS series will add quality and value to your business.

Isn’t it time you started your daily production schedule with a new SWF KS high-speed embroidery operation? Let YES GROUP show you the competitive advantage you have been looking for!

Find out more. Call 01623 863343 to talk to the YES Business Development Team about the production challenges you are facing. We have a solid understanding of the embroidery industry and can provided you with the latest market knowledge on SWF technologies – We will also provide you with competitive industry prices on all SWF embroidery equipment.

Insight into new and improved developments at YES GROUP.

Whether you are a fledgling start-up, embroidery workwear business or an established powerhouse for corporate personalised uniforms and workwear apparel, it is essential to keep your equipment in tip-top working order. Supported by the YES Technical Team, we use a blended approach to machine maintenance; our objective is for all new SWF embroidery machines to continually be running at their optical best, and we use a joint approach to create the right solution for your business needs.

For further information contact YES Business Development Team on 01623 863343 Or email


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