DTG Q1 | Workflow Suggestions for a small eCommerce Business

Are You Just Starting Your Commercial Direct-to-Garment Digital Print Business ?    

The New Smart DTG Q Series will transform a garment print studio into a competitive apparel production house, completely changing the way you focus your print offer.

For low-cost, high volume, print (DTG) and transfer (DTF) production, your Direct-to-Garment digital printing business requires the following equipment:

  • DTG Q1 hybrid digital printer – Converting from DTG to DTF without changing inks or platens
  • Pre-Treat
  • Heat Press
  • Draw Dryer (optional)
  • T-Fold (optional)

The DTG Q series uses a staggered array of print heads, running at high-speed through a single-ONE PASS colour and white ink printing method

Using the new DTG Q1 alongside a flexible production workflow, you will be forecasting print runs of up to 50 dark garment per hour !

Here’s how fast the DTG Q1 prints onto Dark/Black and White garments:

Your average print costs based on Medium size print: 341.30mm (W) x 361.01mm (H) (13.43″(W) x 14.21″ (H)

  • Printed image on a dark background will range from £0.76p
  • Same image printed onto white background will range from £0.18p

Setting-up your studio workshop

The following is a production suggestion based on 1-2 staff running DTG Q1 digital print studio

For volume printing – and clean workflow, it is recommended production staff have staged working patterns, for example:

  1. The warehouse should start pre-treating all products ahead of the production print run
  2. Drying garments as they go, via a Draw Dryer or Heat Press
  3. Passing onto the Shop-floor staff for printing and curing printed garments using DTG Q1 digital printer and a Heat Press for curing the printed images
  4. Last stage, returning to production floor to fold, bag and ship the garments

Maintenance for the DTG Q Series could not be easier             

  • User replaceable 1.0L ink bags – Configuration CYMK W + Flush Liquid.

  • Patented White ink flush system WIFS – an advanced Auto-head and Cap Cleaning system

  • DTG Q Series should be kept in a dust free, clean environment
  • Humidity and temperature need to be at moderate levels for optimal printing

Manufacturer recommendations for optimal operational temperature & humidity:

  • 15-35ᵒC (20-27ᵒC ideally recommended)
  • Humidity 40-80% (40-60% ideally recommended)

Why should you choose to run your digital print studio workshop with one of the NEW Smart DTG Q Hybrid printers?

We’ll let Cam explain…

YES GROUP sell the DTG Q Series exclusively into the UK     

Contact the YES Team to book a demonstration at our extensive showrooms in Nottinghamshire

Tel: 01623 863343    Sales@yesltd.co.uk     https://www.yesltd.co.uk/


Why buy from YES GROUP? 

In answering, ‘Why buy from us’?

Here’s an honest account about what we are about and the reasons you should consider entering a partnership with YES GROUP, choosing our products and technical services.

We have built over 27 years of expertise into our state-of-the-art training facilities and showrooms at Sovereign house in Nottinghamshire. Designed to the requirements and standards of the embroidery and digital print industries.

We believe training matters, adding YES training packages to your apprentice program is an excellent opportunity to add extra value to your digital print studio’s and workshops.

From equipment to software, YES technical department offer a range of fantastic opportunities to develop your team. We can also create all-in-one training programs specific to your industry with end-to-end training platforms designed to transform your studio output!

Our business development support programs also include:

  • Range of back office services and technical support
  • Equipment training
  • Online knowledge hub

We believe knowledge is key and we look forward to welcoming anyone interested in learning more about digital print equipment, accessorises and software technology.

To find out more contact YES Sales 01623 863343     sales@yesltd.co.uk      https://www.yesltd.co.uk/


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