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More than T-Shirt Printing – 5 New Ideas for Your DTG Printer Business

Direct to garment printing has long been the go-to for making custom t-shirts. It’s super flexible ink, soaks right into fabric making designs soft to the touch and extra durable.

But these features of DTG Printing make it a great choice for customizing some out of the box items as well.

Adding options to your inventory can be a great business tool because it’s going to give you more exposure to a wider array of customers. These items can push your business into new markets that you’ve never considered before.

Here are my top 5 favorites things to customize with a DTG printer… That are NOT t-shirts.

Baby Clothes & Accessories

Market Opportunity: Baby clothing is an easy market to succeed in because it’s an area people are willing to pay premium prices for. Baby showers, gender reveals, and first birthdays are all big gift-giving events, and relatives and friends will go out of their way to find a unique gift.

Think… gift bundles with a onesie, bib and blanket all with matching designs. And because DTG printing is digital, there are no limitations with the design! You can print high resolution photos and portraits.

Here’s a great example of a creative design that you’ll never achieve with embroidery.

Why DTG Printing?
Direct to garment printing is the perfect solution for baby items because it is breathable and has a super soft finish. DTG ink is sprayed directly onto fabric, soaking into each fiber. This means it’s not a transfer just laying on top of the fabric and it isn’t creating a barrier to air flow. Additionally, it allows for high-resolution photos and portraits, providing limitless design options.

Traditionally embroidery has been the go-to for customizing onesies, bibs and blankets with names and monograms. But embroidery is limited and doesn’t allow for digital prints or complex designs. Plus, it can be itchy! Which is the last thing people want on sensitive baby skin.

Return on Investment (ROI):
Baby clothes are much smaller than an adult t-shirt, so blanks are super affordable, and with tiny baby-sized prints, ink prices are extremely low. With the growing demand for personalized baby items and the ability to offer unique designs without limitations, investing in DTG printing for baby clothes can lead to high-profit margins and repeat business.

Hand & Golf Towels

Market Opportunity:
Custom towels are another fun idea for a DTG printer owner. Towels are essential items that get wet frequently, so they need to be decorated with a method that allows for breathability.

Golf & Tennis teams are often in need of custom towels for their members. Team orders are phenomenal for business, as bulk orders can be fulfilled efficiently with DTG printing. Name drops are popular options for customization, ensuring each team member’s towel is easily identifiable. Additionally, colorful and intricate mascot designs can be printed, adding a personalized touch to the towels.

It’s also a great present for Father’s & Mother’s Day. Or for your golf bud’s birthday! Just imagine how much better this would look DTG printed.

Why DTG Printing?
DTG printing allows the towels’ fibers to stay intact, unlike transfers or vinyl that can compromise their absorbency. The soft-touch ink bonds directly with the fabric, ensuring a comfortable and durable finish that can withstand frequent washing.

Return on Investment (ROI):
Custom towels are not only practical but also make great gifts for occasions like Father’s & Mother’s Day or birthdays. With the ability to offer unique designs and cater to specific markets like sports teams, you can charge premium prices for custom towels. Plus, bulk orders are always great for ROI and lead to more people being introduced to your business.


Market Opportunity:
Canvases offer a unique canvas for artistic expression beyond traditional clothing items. They are increasingly popular as home decor, with people looking to personalize their living spaces with custom artwork. From striking landscapes to family portraits, the possibilities are endless.

By partnering with local artists, businesses can offer a curated selection of artwork that appeals to their customer base. This collaborative approach not only supports the local art community, but it also introduces you to a new niche market.

Why DTG Printing?
DTG printing is an ideal method for customizing canvases because it allows for the reproduction of intricate designs with stunning detail and vibrant colors. Unlike other printing techniques, such as screen printing, DTG printing does not require a minimum order quantity, making it cost-effective for producing one-of-a-kind pieces. Additionally, DTG inks are water-based and eco-friendly, ensuring a high-quality finish that is both durable and vibrant.

Return on Investment (ROI):
Personalized artwork always comes with a high price tag. Customers are willing to pay top dollar for custom-made pieces that reflect their individual style and taste. With low production costs and the ability to create stunning, high-quality prints, businesses can achieve impressive profit margins in this niche market.

Dog Bandanas

Market Opportunity:
Pet owners are constantly seeking ways to pamper their furry companions, and custom dog bandanas are a fun and stylish way to do just that! Whether it’s celebrating special occasions like birthdays or holidays or simply adding flair to everyday outings, there’s a huge demand for personalized pet accessories.

Why DTG Printing?
DTG printing is perfect for customizing dog bandanas because it allows for the creation of intricate designs and vibrant colors that can withstand repeated washing and wear. Dogs are notorious for rolling around in dirt, so this aspect of DTG printing is super important. DTG ink ensures a durable finish that won’t fade or crack over time. Also, DTG printing offers the flexibility to print on-demand, making it easy to fulfill custom orders with quick turnaround times.

Return on Investment (ROI):
The pet industry is booming, with owners increasingly splurging on their pets’ needs and luxuries. Custom dog bandanas cater to this trend, providing a lucrative opportunity for businesses to tap into a passionate and loyal customer base. With low production costs and super low-cost blanks, the ability to offer a wide range of designs and sizes, businesses can quickly recoup your DTG printer investment and generate consistent profits.

Tote Bags

Market Opportunity:
Tote bags are versatile accessories that serve both fashion and function, making them a staple in many people’s wardrobes. By offering custom-designed tote bags, businesses can appeal to a wide audience, including bachelorette parties, company swag, and niche markets such as cheerleading and dance teams.

Why DTG Printing?
DTG prints can be combined with other customization methods to make something really special. Bling like rhinestones or even glitter vinyl can easily be added to a finished DTG product to add an extra sparkle. This is a fantastic way to stick out from the competition and really appeal to the dance and cheer market.

Return on Investment (ROI):
Custom tote bags have a broad appeal and can be marketed to various demographics, from students and professionals to athletes and hobbyists. By leveraging DTG printing technology, businesses can produce vibrant and eye-catching designs that stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Additionally, by pairing DTG printed tote bags with bling embellishments, such as spangles rhinestones, businesses can cater to specific niches like cheerleading and dance teams, and ask for premium prices for specialized products.

Harnessing niche markets for ultimate business success

Look around your area and see what niche markets your community has to offer. Your connections and neighbors are a great way to get a business started. Remember, word of mouth is powerful! Impressing your customers is the best way to succeed.

These unique items are just a few examples of lucrative opportunities for DTG printer owners. By tapping into different markets and offering personalized, high-quality products, you can easily turn your DTG printer into a money-making powerhouse.