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best multi-head embroidery machine

The SWF KE Series, with its high-speed colour changing and servo design system, can earn you 20 to 25 per cent more than any other brand of embroidery machine with the same amount of heads.

That 1506D designation means that you get a 6 head embroidery machine, but in the dual function set up. And that means you can run it like a traditional 6 head embroidery machine OR run 3 on one job and 3 on another! 

Yes, our SWF dual-function multi-head embroidery machines are the only embroidery machine on the planet that can embroider two different patterns and/or designs at the same time, making them the most productive machines currently available.

Are the SWF Dual Function Multihead Embroidery Machines Reliable?

Yes! In fact, they’re so reliable we not only offer an industry out-standing FIVE-YEAR warranty, but a completely unique SEVEN-YEAR stitch quality warranty as well.

How does it compare for speed, accuracy, and quality?

The dual function 6 head embroidery machine will run at 1000 stitches per minute –  all day, every day:

And did we mention the unheard of 7 YEAR Stitch Quality Guarantee?

Need More Convincing? See the Data

See the data in real time and learn more about why the SWF Dual Function multi-head embroidery machines beat the productivity competition.

Embroidery Machines Specifications / Functions

The Dual Function 6 Head (3×3) embroidery machine operates as either a traditional 6 Head automatically increasing studio production or as two separate 3 Head embroidery machines giving the studio flexibility on production runs – up to 25% more!

Laser Design Trace (gauge, square or optimised) – Electronic Hoop Select – Multi-language support, Supplied as standard with 15 colour needles, Directly Driven Trimming System, Oversized Body and Beam for strength and vibration free embroidery.

SWF KE Dual Function Series Standard Features:
4 heads with 15 colour needles.
15 Colours
Multi-language support
Stitching Speed
1000 stitch per minute
10.4” LCD touch screen – Design Editing Function
LAN or Wifi Networking
5 years + 7 Year Stitch Guarantee
20 million stitch memory
Stitching Field
Standard stitching field of up to 450mmx400mm
Running volume
Quiet running
Media USB
2 x USB Ports
Power Failure recovery
Oil Lubrication System
One Pull with Oil Reservoir (no oil holes)
Optional accessories
Optional Quick Change Caps or Bolt on Cap Systems – Veneer Badge Cutting Needles

Hoops – Round
2 of each

12cm, 15cm, 18cm Tubular Round

Frames- Square
2 of each

30cm x 30cm
31.9cm x 43.9cm

Border Frames and Tables

2 Border Frames per Machine

Tool Kit

Includes tools and parts

Thread Tubes

Thread patch guides

Embroidery Light

Better viewing

5 years + 7 Year Stitch Guarantee

SWNS Software

For networking

On-site Installation

Set up inside the UK

Thread Trappers


Bobbin Winder


Machine Oil and Grese


Operating Manual

Ready to Elevate Your Embroidery Service Needs ?

Discover how the SWF ES-T1501C can transform your business.  Contact us today for a demonstration and to learn more about our flexible financing options.

Looking for more Flexibility and 25% more output?

Dual Function means you can operate all four heads like a traditional KX machine, but you can ALSO flex your output to embroider 2 separate designs, items or even caps. 

Go Dual Function! SWF KE-UH1504D-45

advanced Features

  • Stitching field up to 450mmx400mm
  • 20 million stitch memory
  • ONE PULL Oiling system
  • Oversized body for vibration free embroidery

Now you can reduce downtime from thread breaks, to do regular maintenance and even bobbin changes. 1 side can always be stitching. 

Comes with on-site installation, set up and training as well as our 5 year warranty and 7 year stitch guarantee.

Have a more traditional format in mind?

The KX 8 head machine is a high volume industrial embroidery system with tons of unique and VERY productive features.

There’s nothing like it on the market!

SWF KX-UH1508-45

Don't let the photo fool you, this is a BIG, Productive embroidery machine.

  • Smart Action Presser Foot (Adjust for any fabrice)
  • Smart Tensioning System (8x the time savings!)
  • Automatic oiling – letting you spend more time embroidering and less time on maintenance.
  • Slim cylinder arm
  • Automatic thread trimming
  • WiFi
  • More, more, more!