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Adelco Digi-Cure

Adelco Digi-Cure

A Smaller drying machine with big-dryer’s features

The Adelco Digi-Cure is a new class in value and technology for curing of digital and screen-printed textiles.

The Adelco Digi-Cure dryer is a fantastic solution for small to medium production runs giving a big performance as a smaller dryer for water-based inks and screen-printing inks.

Oven is 2.6 meters with a 90cm in-feed and 90cm outfeed, with an 80cm belt width.

The Digi-Cure delivers a big performance for a small conveyor dryer.

While the Digi-Cure may be smaller in size, it includes all the same features as a high production dryer, so you can benefit from the many rich-features of the textile dryer range. This smaller conveyor dryer has a single outlet for extraction, with the ductwork for the exhaust, infeed and outfeed extraction are internal in the Digi-Cure dryer. Using one single outlet you will benefit from a cleaner working environment.

The Digi-Cure comes with a digital interface to give you ultimate control over the drying and curing process. You can easily control the belt speed and temperature control of the tunnel for optimal output. The interface also provides feedback on maintenance and will flag any issues, helping to reduce any unnecessary downtime.

DC Production single belt electric 

Dark Shirts          Light Shirts 
150 pieces/h            300 pieces/h

Increased pre-treatment levels will require longer curing times

Production rates will alter depending on product placement and time/ temperature settings chosen for individual curing requirements. Based on Single line of adult size garments. Allowing for one product being placed 50cm.

DC Specification

Belt Speed 50 secs – 10 mins
Electrical Supply 19KW, 3 phahse 220 – 240V or 415V, 50/60Hᴢ
Oven Length 260 cm (102”)
Time from ambient temp to 160ᵒC (320ᵒF) Approximately 30 minutes
Belt Width 80 cm 32”
Infeed / outfeed 88 cm (352)
Overall Dimensions (max) 110cm / 44” (W) x 128 cm / 50ᵒ (H) x 436 cm / 172” (L)

The Adelco Digi-Cure is a new class in value and technology for curing of digital and screen-printed textiles.


Features and benefits

  • Economical
  • High pressure airflow for the best curing penetration
  • Integrated infeed/out feed extraction
  • Digital HDMI Touchscreen Interface
  • Integrated Exhaust and Fan
  • 80cm Wide Conveyor belt
  • Full 2.6 meter curing ability
  • Maximum curing ability with minimum effects to fabrics
  • Maintenance feedback & insights
  • Control belt speed and tunnel temperature
  • Compact and streamline design


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