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    DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing Solutions

    High Speed –
    Advanced Technology –
    Incredible Reliability –
    Beautiful Prints

    The DTG Digital Printer from YES Group fulfills the promise of all Direct to Garment printing & DTF Printing on just one machine!

    DTG Printers used to be high maintenance, often wasting valuable ink and other supplies every day. And they used to need highly skilled operators and expensive additional software.

    They used to be hard to use – right from the hooping stage – all the way through design management, printer settings, and especially care and cleaning.

    But the DTG Q-Series DTG Printer is DIFFERENT – a breakthrough for both the brand new T-Shirt Printing Entrepreneur AND the seasoned profesional.

    Print up to 200 prints per hour with White INK!

    • If you’re a screen printer or existing digital t-shirt printing shop, you’ll appreciate the incredible production speed and versatility of the Q-Series.
    • Typical full color designs on a dark shirt printer in UNDER 1 Minute – and prints on white shirts are twice as fast.
    • The intuitive control panel makes selecting and printing designs fast and easy. And the vacuum platen is a huge time saver – loading and unloading shirts has never been easier.
    • Washability is better than ever, and it’s so easy to use that any of your operators can be up and running in minutes!

    100% designed for industrial apparel printing, It’s superfast and super competitive!

    Direct to Garment Printing, and the DTG brand of direct to garment printers, in particular, is a fantastic technology that allows almost anyone to print incredibly colorful, high-impact images directly onto tee shirts and other textiles.

    Start Your Profitable Industrial Printing Journey Here!

    Print up to 50 Dark / 75 light prints per hour

    Print up to 100 Dark / 120+ light prints per hour

    • £19,995.00

      DTG Digital – Q1 Hybrid DTG Printer

      • 390mm x 490mm Print Area
      • CMYK + W + Flush liquid (A.I.R)
      • Patented circulation and white ink flush integrated WIMS2
      • DTG Digital – Q2 Hybrid DTG Printer

        • 390mm x 490mm Print Area
        • CMYK + W + Flush liquid (A.I.R)
        • Patented circulation and white ink flush integrated WIMS2

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