WIMS (White Ink Managment)

2 YEAR Heads and All WARRANTY 

300 prints per hour!


Do you want to digitally print garments, textiles, panels and rolls up to 12x faster than any other printer around and for less than half the cost per print?

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With DTG Digital Europe's 'DTG' line-up of quality large flatbed & small industrial direct to textile priters you'll maximize your production and profit potential, saving you time, money and increasing your capacity to print more, faster for much less!  

If you're ready to increase your efficiency and save money on every print, then contact us to get the industry's guaranteed BEST DEAL on Direct to Garment / Textile Printers today, with low monthly payments. Why wait? 

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What's the Right Machine for my DTG Business?

Whether you're looking for a small start off single platen unit or a multi-bed solution or already your own custom apparel business and want to expand your 'DTG' Direct to Garment Printing business further in-house for your customers, single or multi-bed machinery could be your next step to building that successful business that you've always dreamed of.  

Click here to see a our Fast Single &Twin Industrial machine in action!

DTG Digital's new generation of multi-bed machines like the M4, M6 or M6 Conveyor M-Series Range of Industrial printers have taken the industry by storm for obvious reasons. 

Click here to see the latest M-Series multi-bed printers!

Because we understand that growing businesses value performance, durability, support, and above all, want to increase their profitability we have also developed the latest fully automated multi-head wide format QM -Series machines, capable of printing up to 300 garments per hour!

Click here to see the amazing QM-Series multi-head Printers!

Expand your business!

Low monthly payments, why wait?get started today!

We understand how hard it is to start or expand your business with high monthly payments. That's why we offer low rate finance, over 1 - 5 years, with low or no deposit, why wait ? 

Get started today with a great deal on a new DTG Printer making it easier than ever to expand or start your new business!

Upgrading to Multi-Platen Machine is right for you if...

You want to complete orders faster to focus more on marketing your business and increasing your sales 

You want to reduce your costs and labour and increase your profits by spending less time Printing on even more orders than ever before 

You want to increase your production capacity to be able to take on more customers and run a profitable and sustainable business for years to come 

You want quality, industry-standard machinery with the durability to print around the clock 

You want the industry's best technical support, after hours and on weekends to decrease your downtime and provide assistance whenever you need it most 

You want to save money on monthly payments with the industry's best flexible financing plans  

Colour, Performance, Durability, Profitability & Quality 

White Ink Power & Stability

With white ink being a challange for most, here at DTG DIGITAL we decided in 2006 to do something about it... So we developed a high quality white ink together with a management system (WIMS) that recirculates the inks together with maintaining the ink whlist your are doing other things.


Speed & Precision

Our Latest M2 printer can out perform a single platen printer with a larger print area of up to 604mm x 450mm. We re-engineered and built the H and Y drives stronger, together with making the machines print faster with more ink all profiled to give the best ink quality print for the LOWEST COST!

Durability & Flexibility

The latest M-series from DTG Europe can do so much more than just print t-shirts!

Kids Clothing, Panels, Garments, Shoe's, Bags, Towels, Tote Bags, Socks, Handkerchiefs, Hat's, Baby Grows, Hessian Sacks, Canvas and so much more... 

Shoe - Applications

It's all about the Colour! 

The latest M-series can do so much more with its ink system which other companies cannot offer! 

Our Colour IOS allows you to choose your garment colour and then use this to print your garment, further saving you between 15/20% extra in ink usage whilst at the same time giving you an even better quality of print!

Profitability - It's REAL!

Our DTG Printers are the most affordable and profitable in the industry! We not only offer a low rate of finance and a low cost of print, we also offer competitive pricing – half the cost of comparable models and you can Earn More PROFIT from a DTG Digital Printer!

The Example on the right is just printing 1 hour per day!

INCREASE your PROFIT with a DTG Printer TODAY!

Cost per print is one of the biggest drivers of profit for your business. DTG Digital garment printers can print at half the cost of other direct to garment brand printers!

DTG Digital's removable platen system and ability to print up to 12 shirts at once or up to 1.9 metres in width makes all the difference to your wallet. It's not JUST about how many shirts you can print in an hour!

People will pay for beautiful graphics and there's no question the DTG's prints the most beautiful images in the business. Better quality prints = better margins.

The G4 prints up to XX x XX whilst the M2 Industrial will print up to 604mm x 420mm. That's more than 25% larger than the competition WITH optional platens. Offer bigger prints for XL, XXL and bigger profits…

Direct to Garment Printers all have one fundamental thing in common. THEY ALL USE INK! 

The amount of garment printer ink is used in printing shirts and the cost of that ink seriously impacts on the cost of your end product. In todays competitive market, that may mean the difference between a profitable job or not and how you price your work in relation to your competition!

The Cost of doing business is going to be the same NO MATTER which PRINTER YOU USE!

A quality blank t shirt, like the a Gildan Ring Spun 6400 Cotton, is going to cost everyone the same about - £1.20 depending on supplier. You will pay your employees the market rate in your area, and so will your competition depending on where you do your production work. It's very likely your building overheads such as electricity and other ancillary costs of doing business will be roughly the same also! 

Many times your customer is bringing YOU the artwork, so while talent and creativity are important it won't necessarily affect the cost of your production work.

So what can I earn in one DAY on a G4?

Well based on our smallest desktop DTG-G4 machine...

And, based on a "image" area of 282mm wide x 358mm high and based on our 'Man's Face design' (pictured left), printing on our latest desktop Ricoh Based single-platen printer with our latest Print Pro Rip, you can print 1 large print of said size in just under 3 minutes, that's 2 every 6 minutes in "high Quality/Resolution" Mode!

In 1-hour (60 minutes), Our DTG-G4 equates to 20 Dark (High Resolution) shirts prints per hour.  

In an 8-hour shift or working day, Our DTG-G4 can print 160 Large Dark garments Per day based on an "actual" graphic size of 282mm x 358mm and not page size as quoted by other companies!  

That means if you sell each garment for £9.95 with a cost of print (DARK at £0.85), and the garment costing £1.20, this gives you a profit potential of around £7.95 per DARK shirt (depending on your margins).  




G4 Single Platen Machine

= 160 shirts in 8 hours

= £1,272.00 per day

That's at least £3,816 Profit based on only a 3 day week!

So what can I earn in one DAY on a M-Series ?

Based on the same principles as our DTG G4, selling each garment for £9.95 with a cost of print (M2-DARK at £0.23), (M2-LIGHT at £0.20) and the garment costing £1.20, this gives you a profit potential of around £8.52 per DARK shirt or £8.55 per LIGHT shirt after costs (depending on your margins).  

So you could pocket £1,499 (DARK) or over £1,504 (Light) 

"In Just ONE DAY with a DTG M2"  

With the same "image" print area of 282mm wide x 358mm high, based on our 'Man's Face design' (right picture), printing on our new colour gamut DTG M2, you can print 2 large prints in 5.3 minutes in high resolution!  

In 1 hour (60 minutes), Our DTGM2 equates to 23 Dark shirts prints per hour. 

In an 8-hour shift or workday, Our M2 can print 176 XLarge dark.

Our M6 or QM-Series can print upto 384 & 1,712 white / Light shirts respectfully per day.

Now let's think M & QM-Series Industrial




M2 Twin Platen Machine

= 176 Dark shirts in 8 Hrs

= £1448.40/day

M6/M6XL - 3/6/12 Platen M/c

= 192 (XL) Dark shirts in 8 Hrs

= £1,635.84/day

M6 Conveyor - 6 Platen M/c 

= 384 White shirts in 8 Hrs

= £3,283.20/day

QM4 - 3 XL Platen Machine

= 320 Dark shirts in 8 Hrs

= 560 Light shirts in 8 Hrs 

= £2,736.00/day (based on M2s PC)

= £4,788.00/day (based on M2s PC) QM4 is lower cost of print so profit will be even greater!

QM8 - 3 XL Platen Machine

= 1712 Light shirts in 8 Hrs

= £14,637.00/day (based on M2s PC) QM8 is lower cost of print so profit will be even greater!

*Industrial Commercial DTG Printers can work 3 shifts per day & Earn you MONEY!


Profits, Profits, Profits, Profits  

Maximise your profits with the latest new DTG Digital Printer which enables the you to select the garment colour (Black, Red, Blue, Brown, Pastels, etc) and print with real colours at the best cost per print on the market! Examples of Cost Per Print:

Funky Monkey / Size W230mm x H350mm / Black Garment £0.23p 

Mans Face / Size W282 x H358mm / Black Garment £0.38p



Are you ready to grow your embroidery business into Personalised 'Digital' Print?

Existing Embroidery Business

Are you an existing embroidery business that wants to expand to be able to complete even more in other markets or simply just grow your business in a different area?

Since you already know everything about what it takes to run a successful business, you know that the quality of the machinery and the service is what matters most to give reliability.

As a supplier we can offer your business all of what is needed to help you grow in the digital market with a customer service that is the best in the industry as we have complete control over the quality and build of our machines and are able to give you the widest selection of equipment to choose from for any job.

Thanks to our low monthly payments and financing, our low monthly payments give you the guarantee that you'll be able to surpass your monthly sales goals with any machine from our arsenal and receive a better return on your investment. Grow your business with low monthly payments. 

Are you ready to grow your screen printing business in to High Speed 'Digital' Printing?

Do you own a screen-printing business or are tired of turning away small volume print orders or outsourcing your Digital Print? Nobody like losing money or business but outsourcing anything, especially print can be a risk! Not only do you not have any control over the time it takes or the quality of the print, you also lose out on all of the potential revenue that would be going directly in your pocket otherwise.

Not to mention having to turn away clients when they ask for a short turnaround time or low volume work which means you run the risk of losing them altogether!

If you're serious about bringing more revenue in to your business and reducing costs, there is no better time to invest in a New QM-Series machine that can handle all of the orders for your existing customers and allow you to grow even more... 

Screen-printing Business


What you get from a DTG DIGITAL PRINTER

We promise to do everything we can to provide you the resources and assistance to start or grow your business. There is little that we won't do to make sure that you're as knowledgeable as the techs and as business-savvy as our staff. Whether it's helping you get the best financing or providing unparalleled support, we promise to be there for all of your business needs!  

Along with the DTG Promise, you'll also receive a wealth of knowledge from our staff through videos, newsletters and social media. You'll also receive everything that you need to start printing straight away!

M2 Start Up Package
  • Hands-on training at your location and unlimited A.S. technical phone support
  • Heavy-duty steel or built in stand (model dependant)
  • Digitial Ink & maintinance starter kit
  • 1 month free subscription to Deco Network online sales platform (T & C's Apply) 
  • DTG Digital upto 2 year warranty (T & C's Apply) 
  • Multiple platen holders (number varies based on machine)

Check out our superb range

Choose from a Variety of machines - Single-Platen to Multi-Platen that will be sure to help you expand your business and Increase your Profitability!

G-Series Printers - Ideal Start Off Machine

G4 DTG (Single Platen)

The 1 platen version of our G4 Series is a favorite among growing businesses. It is the perfect step up from a single-head machine, the MT8's series will double your capacity without breaking the bank and is a perfect addition for smaller shops.

Want to grow your business?

Model shown: DTG G4 (Single Platen) Commercial Digital Garment Printer CMYK & WW | Single-Platen

M-Series Industrial Printers - Ideal for those who want MORE!

DTG M2 (2 Platen / 1XL Platen) 

If you're tired of burning the midnight oil because you're over capacity on your single-head machine, then the DTG M2 is the perfect machine to take on medium to larger sized orders and relieve you of those late night printing runs.

Want to grow your business?

Model shown: DTG M2 (Single & Twin Platen) Industrial - Digital Garment Printer CMYK & WWWW | Single/Twin-Platen

DTG M6 (3, 6 or 12 Platen)

If you're already in to digital print and garment embelishment, but want to expand printing further or want to print larger prints upto 1.1mtr x 750mm, get the most affordable and flexible DTG Printer on the market that stacks up to the top industry machine, then the DTG M6 is the perfect machine to add to your arsenal.

Want to grow your business?

Model shown: DTG M6 (3 XL, 6Large or 12 Medium Platen) Industrial - Digital Garment Printer CMYK & WWWW | Multi-Platen

DTG M6 (X-Large)

Have you landed a big account and need to produce quality print with lighting fast turnarounds and want a supersized bed? If you're ready to take your business into a lucrative production area, then the M6XL will help you increase your efficiency and capacity in no time.

Want to grow your business?

Model shown: DTG M6 XL Indstrial - Digital Garment Printer CMYK & WWWW | Multi-Platen

Interested in an Even Bigger Business Production Machine Instead? Check out our lineup...

QM-Series Industrial Printers 

Ideal for the Screen Printers Next Step in to Digital!

Model shown: DTG QM4 (1.6mtr x 650mm Platen Bed) Industrial Digital Garment Printer Heads: TWIN (16-Chanels) | CMYK/CMYK - WWWW/WWWW 

New 16" x 20" - (3) Platen Screen Print Vacum System or Standard Up and Open Platen Systems 

Want to grow your business?

Model shown: DTG QM8 (1.9mtr x 800mm Platen Bed) Industrial Digital Garment Printer Heads: QUAD (32-Chanels) | CMYK/CMYK/CMYK/CMYK  

New 16" x 20" - (4) Platen Screen Print Vacum System or Standard Up and Open Platen Systems 

Want to grow your business?

Let us help to determine the best machine to fit your needs.

QM-Series Application, Application, Application, Application... 

NOW imagine 4 prints in under 30 seconds (low resolution), 4 Prints under 60 seconds (medium resolution) 

All 16" x 20" in print size! 

Commonly asked questions

What comes with a New DTG Digital machine?

We'll answer this question with a question. What doesn't come with a DTG Digital Europe machine? Every YES Ltd employee knows our printer machines inside and out, our customer support staff are equipped to assist you with any enquiry. Aside from being manufacturers and offering unparalleled customer support, here is what to physically expect when you go with DTG Europe: > A welcome kit with Ink, Cleaners, Platens and more > 1-month subscription to Deco Network > Hands-on training > Life-time Telephone support > A toolkit with all the tools for setup and maintenance > Advanced Colour Rip – Print Pro at no additional cost 

What kind of support do I get with DTG Digital in the UK?

We offer up to 2 years guarantee on new DTG Digital machines purchased from ourselves here at YES Ltd. We also provide technical customer support and resources such as training, manuals and how-to videos on our machines. We're constantly working on material such as blogs, videos and webinars to help customers get started and succeed in the embroidery business.

Is training included? What kind of training do I get?

Every DTG Printer purchased includes in-depth training 'up to 5 days' (Model Dependant). We'll come to your location, making sure you know exactly what you're doing before your training session is over. We also provide on-going technical support and offer how-to videos and manuals.

What is the warranty for my new DTG Printing Machines?

Our machines are backed by up to a 2 years warranty (Model Dependent), provided at no additional cost on all new DTG Printers in the UK, the warranty starts immediately following the delivery of your DTG . Our team of engineers provide cover across the UK. 

> A welcome kit with Inks, Cleaners, Maintenance Kit, Platens, RIP and more! > Up to 2 years warranty, including electronic components. 

What is the average delivery time for a DTG Print machine?

Before delivery we test and prepare all of our new DTG Printers at our UK head office in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK. In stock printing machines take up to 5 days to PDI & test and prepare for shipping. Once your machine has gone through our customer care routine, our installation technical team will arrange a suitable date and time to deliver, install and train you on your new machine.