DigitalHeat FX  DTF – Direct To Film Printing Solutions

DTF Printing or Direct-to-Film printing is a way to make very high-quality, full-color digital transfers for application to fabrics of all kinds.

As such, We are proud to be a partner of Digital Heat FX from the USA.

The core advantages of direct to film and of the high volume direct to film printers that you’ll find are:

  • Wash fastness – these transfers last like screen printing
  • Stretch – not only do the transfers stretch along with the fabric, it snaps back into place beautifully
  • Flexibility of materials – you can apply DTF transfers to any fabric
  • Very low application time – in most cases, transfer application to a t-shirt is a :15 second heat press
  • VERY high speed production – between 100 large shirt front transfers per hour (55 linear feet/hour) and 300 or more large shirt front transfers per hour (up to 150 linear feet/hour)

Watch this video to understand the basics of how DTF printers work and the process involved, then learn more about each model and the applications below.

Applying the Adhesive to the Custom DTF Transfer Prints

It’s the unique powder adhesive coating that gives DTF prints their signature soft touch.  Instead of thick transfer films, or vinyl’s,  the Direct to Film Process has only two ingredients.  The ink, and a thin coating of powered adhesive.

The soft hand of DTF is holy grail of custom apparel.  It’s never been possible to get the incredible soft feel of half-tone screen printing in a transfer process.  But with DTF, you get all that and more.

The DTF powder adhesive is moisture-seeking, so it draws itself into the ink of the print and chemically bonds to form a strong permanent adhesive that sticks extremely strong to both cotton and polyester fibers.

Digital Heat FX – DTF Printers are ALREADY powering some of the biggest names in customization.

And that’s because of 3 things:

#1: The TECHNOLOGY Works

Direct to film is the best way to produce high-volume custom transfers for apparel. Especially custom t-shirts.

#2: HIGH Volume


It is redefined when you’re talking DTF. Whether you want to pair your printer with an ordering system, the result is excellent.  Produce hundreds of different graphics/sizes in one run or print thousands of your best-selling designs.



There is no one that knows high volume DTF printing like DigitalHeat FX. Our R&D team is at the leading edge of productivity enhancements. And our sales and support teams are capable, knowledgeable veterans of custom apparel printing.

PRINT 45-55 Linear Feet per Hour

That’s upto 100 Full Front Transfers Per Hour!

PRINT 145 Linear Feet per Hour

That’s upto 300 Full Front Transfers Per Hour!

  • Digital Heat FX – 24H2 Direct to Film DTF Printer

    • 600mm x 100mtr Print Roll
    • 5 - CMYK & White
    • 45-50 Linear Feet Per Hour
    • 100 Full Front Transfers/hour (10" x 10")
    • 2 Print Heads
    • Digital Heat FX – 24H4 Direct to Film DTF Printer

      • 600mm x 100mtr Print Roll
      • 5 - CMYK & White
      • 145 Linear feet per hour
      • 300 Full Front Transfers/hour (10"x10")
      • 4 Print Heads

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