Double-up and multiply with SWF embroidery machines

Double-up and multiply with the SWF dual-function multi-head embroidery machines

SWF Patent dual-function technology is becoming the byword in embroidery machines – Leading the world in embroidery efficiency, these sophisticated embroidery machines have been specifically designed to give embroidery business flexibility.  The SWF dual-function multi-head embroidery machines are considered ideal for companies who work on multiple school brands, approved school uniforms, club badges, caps, sportswear, dancewear and more.

These unique SWF dual-function machines are the only embroidery machines with the technology to produce different logo designs onto different garments using the same machine at the same time, making the SWF dual-function the most productive embroidery machines currently available on the market today.

If your core business is suppling large volumes of school uniforms and special apparel orders around your county or across the country, why not take advantage of the SWF dual-function multi-head embroidery machines?  Running at high-speed, doubling up production on school brands, you could be earning up to 20 to 30% more than other embroidery machine brands, and the technical advantages do not stop there!

The SWF dual-function multi-head embroidery machines are accessorised with:
  • High Speed Operation 1,100 SPM offers enhanced efficiency
  • Superior Memory – Holds up to 40 million stitches
  • Full Colour Touchscreen – Easy-to-use control panel
  • Quick Change Cap system – Makes transitioning fast and easy
  • WiFi Networking – Connects up to 200 machines
  • Flexibility on production – Operate as either a tradition or Dual function
  • Designed to produce up to 20 / 30% more productivity
  • Automatic Oiling System – delivers the correct quantity of oil from a reservoir system – no mess!

So, isn’t it time you started your daily production runs with SWF dual-function multi-head embroider machines?

If you would like to know more, you are invited to book a live production demonstration at YES Showrooms, Nottinghamshire. Call: 01623 863343

Insight into new and improved developments at YES GROUP. There is no doubt the diversity of SWF technologies will provide your business with a competitive advantage.  Whether you are a fledgling start-up embroidery apparel business or established powerhouse for approved school uniforms, it is essential to keep your equipment in tip-top working condition.  Supported by YES GROUP’s Technical Team we use a blended approach to embroidery machine maintenance; our objective is for all new SWF embroidery equipment to continually be in tip-top working condition, and we use joint approach to create the right solution for your business needs.

To find out more. You are invited to talk to YES GROUP about the production challenges you are facing. We have a solid understanding of the embroidery industry and can provide you with the latest market knowledge on SWF technologies.  For further information contact YES Business Development Team:  Tel: 01623 863343 | Email:

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