Compress LED UV – Superior Printing for a world of applications

Compress LED UV printers have been engineered to solve all your current production issues in one small footprint machine with technology that will blow you away!

Here’s how they work, the flexible print areas, range in widths and lengths and adjustable media heights, allowing you to adapt your production needs frequently, making these machines real problem solvers. With dual high-performance LED UV lamps and extensive fast moving flat bed, these Compress UV printers gives you an almost unheard-of clearance of nearly 50cm on the XL model, that is, the largest media of any printer in its class.

The Compress LED UV print market extends from simple product decoration to complex additive manufacturing, allowing you to print on almost anything, even customized acrylic products, glass, metal, plastics, board stocks, and so much more. Its flexibility means reduced waste, less inventory.

Inks are delivered by a 250ml pressurised tank with constant ink feed to the damper. Fitted with WIMS (White Ink Management System) all white inks recirculate, while managing any air bubbles under the pressure. This well-engineered process is designed to keep your workflow accelerated and on track.

On-demand 3D printing can be achieved using variable data imprinting on both text and imagery, using the fast and instant dry technology, you can build up layer after layer of high quality, durable ink, creating original merchandise.

Have you ever thought about taking on projects that other print companies would not entertain due to complex, time consuming, production runs where drying times become issues?

The Compress UV One Pass, white ink flood and overprint is just one example of time saving print technology that has been built into these flexible flatbed printers. Adding colourful, bright images onto transparent and coloured substrates using white ink as a flood coating and over printing imagery without slowing the print speed, is quite exceptional, with the capability of printing on just about anything from: flat-pack, packaging and PET materials which are almost chemical resistant, and recycled and organic materials in all shapes and sizes.

Developing on-demand, ‘concept prototyping, sampling special print processes such as spot varnishing or spot embossing even customising packaging with brail, it is that precise!

There is so much more to the Compress LED UV series, with its truly flexible production platform. Just one printer can expand your business offer into: manufacturing, exhibitions, and educational settings, even niche retail; outfitting an entire shopping area with everything from signage and self-promotional gift-items to in-store notices, and window decorations. Even back-lit signage is possible, printing composite panels, back-lit roll media and glass panels in-full vibrant colour, finishing with a value-added ‘clear gloss’. The opportunities will be endless!

General Features Compress UV-600s / 1200s models:

  • 6 independent colours 8 channels = double settings of CMYK, CMYK or CMYK & W or CMYK & W plus Clear Coat
  • 24”x17.7” (604x450mm) print area with 11.8” (285mm) media height
  • Optional unwind/rewind for roll media
  • WIMS white ink management onboard
  • IQ Interweave onboard – eliminates banding
  • Industrial print-head features 1440nozzles capable of delivering a minimum picolitre drop of just 3.5Ng for ultra-fine placement
  • All steel construction
  • Dual LED variable watt, liquid cooled low heat lamps
  • Inbuilt media height detection
  • Ink mist extraction
  • Low maintenance
  • Production ready flexible print platform

And so much more…

If you are ready to change the way you print, attract new business or you are looking to solve your current production issues. We invite you to look at the Compress LED UV range from YES GROUP.

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See first hand what your business can achieve with Compress LED UV Printers.

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