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A Collective Group of Case Studies – Providing great ideas about embroidery, direct-to-garment and UV print, business ventures to help you embark on your own epic journeys.

Here’s their stories…

Historically Redfern have offered screen and tampo printing for promotional objects. Whilst still appropriate for a variety of applications these methods are becoming outdated and quite limited with the inability to print…


O’Neills Sportswear and Apparel Business was expanding rapidly, and their existing equipment was slow, inflexible and unscalable and simply was not going to assist in the growth going forward.


To find an industrial embroidery machine that could not only replace her old, rented unit but could translate her unique designed with speed and accuracy – the finish needed to be beautifully neat and consistent.


Embroidery Machines

Start off business and single-head embroidery machines to high speed, multi-head embroidery machines

Direct to Garment

Start off business single platen units or multi-bed solutions

UV Printing Machines

Compress UV LED technology 1440 dpi flatbed printers from A3+ to A0

Transfer Printing

Self-weeding heat transfer system to customise an extensive range of products and materials

Presses, Dryers & Pre-Treaters

Our full range of heat and transfer presses alongside out fennel and drawer dryers

Parts & Consumables

Shop our equipment and supplies from the custom apparel and digital decoration industry


Software and RIP solutions


Installation, training and servicing token equipment at the highest level of productivity